Thursday, December 16, 2004


yeah... I'm still at home recovering from this surgery. I'm gettin' betta though!!! I've graduated from 'eating' a liquid diet to chicken soup and crackers to eating normally again. Well sorta normal. I've been advised not to eat (in the doctor's own words) greasy and spicy foods. Damn there's goes that jerk chicken I've been craving. Anyway, I've been outta the house once since Monday and it's cold as a muhfukka outside. My black azz tried to drive to the store (bad move) and didn't have enough strength to get outta the parking lot. It's amazing how much your stomach can affect the rest of your body. As soon as I sat in the car and put my foot on the brake, a sharp pain went up into my abdomen. Of course not to be denied I continued to try to drive and within a few minutes my black azz was back in the crib.

Ya know... I'm bored as HELL!!!!!! If I see another Judge TV show, I'mma lose my damn mind!!!!! Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, Judge Hatchett, Texas Court, Peoples Court, Divorce Court, Judge Joe Brown... gotdayummmmm!!!!! This shit is ridiculous. Maury Povich aint no betta... all this "Are you the babies father" shit is just as ignorant. Imagine all these women lettin' nigguhs all up in em and they aint gotta clue who that damn father is.... that's just triflin'!!!! I think I'mma sit back and watch the DVD of What's Happening - Second Season. Then I can laugh at Raj, Rerun, Dee and hear Dwayne singin' "Comma Comma Comma Comma Ca Comma". I need to laugh even though it does hurt my stomach when I laugh too hard.

The job sent me this big azz 'Get Well' basket of fruit, cheese (can't eat) and chocolate (can't eat). I've gotten a number of emails and cards from folks at the office and I'm appreciative.


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