Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Burned Out!!!!

Okay... it's only Wednesday and already I've put in over 35 hours this week. Needless to say, I'm tired as hell!!!!! I knew back in June that this was the week that I was gonna have to buckle down and just forget about my personal life, but I sure as hell didn't think I'd be worn out this fast. I aint get outta this joint last night til about 9:30pm and had to be back at 7am. Yes, I put in over 14 hours yesterday. Now of course I know that I can look forward to a nice phat check come next Friday, but poppin' Zantrex pills and drinkin' coffee at 6am is not my thing. I'm usually in bed til 6:45. Now I'm all wired up and still sleepy. Nothing worse that having the shakes and can't stay awake. I have yet to eat one single thing today. I've been drinking Gatorade and Deer Park all morning and that's it. I don't have an appetite for anything at all. I feel like if I eat that I'll.... well, let's just say that I won't be able to hold it down. The caffeine is so overwhelming that I can't even stomach anything. The thought of eating makes me queasy.

I look forward to getting out of here in the next few hours, only to sit in rush hour traffic. That should be fun. Still, I've got 2 more days to sit in that control room and push buttons. Both days I've gotta be back here at 7 in the morning. This early morning rise-n-shine nonsense is for the birds!!!! I'll be happy when next Monday comes back around and I'll be back on my regular 9:30-6 shift. But until then, I'mma keep my eyes on the prize. That prize being Friday afternoon when I'll walk in the door to my house, fall back on the bed and straight CRASH!!!!! Well, gots to go... there's a call for a technician in the master control room and I sure as hell aint tryna get fired for taking a break from this busy week to post a blog. Say a prayer for a brotha... I need the strength of all my peoples right about now.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Charitable Donation

Today I took part in a silent auction with the proceeds to benefit the Hurricane Katrina victims. I bid on a bunch of stuff, but came away with two incredible deals. Now, I didn't come to work with the intention of buying anything other than lunch from the cafe or maybe a snack from the convenience store. I've been good about staying true to my monthly budget for the most part, but today changed things... a lil' bit. After it was all said and done, I ended up hittin' up the ATM machine twice. However, with the things that I got today, I can stash a lot of it away til Christmas. Anyway, this is what I ended up buying:

Package #1 - a bunch of stuff is for my nieces

a Dora the Explorer doll
set of various 15 Nick jr. DVD's
pair of girls sneakers
a Furby
Candyland DVD game
2 large photo albums
set of 5 Disney Bear in the Big Blue House DVD's
Toy Story Collectors Edition
some stuffed animals
kids learning stuff

…………..All for $50!!!!!

Package #2 - a bunch of stuff for me

DVD sets of:

227 – First Season
What’s Happenin’ – Third Season
Good Times – Third Season
A-Team – Second Season
Ren & Stimpy – Fifth Season
Garfield & Friends – Third and Fourth Seasons
Diff’rent Strokes – First Season

Individual DVD’s:

Spongebob Favorites DVD
Don’t be a Menace in South Central DVD


Atari Classics – 80 Games for PC
50 Cent’s Biography – From Pieces to Weight – Book

…………..All for $63!!!!!

oh yeah I almost forgot the one thing that I really wanted... well sorta... being that I collect sports figurines and bobblehead dolls, I decided to add one of the slickest cats in the entertainment biz to my entourage...

the second auction package that I purchased also included a Snoop Dogg bobblehead doll... lol

(I know... I know... I look thrilled sitting at my desk right??? lol)

speaking of the Doggfather himself I got one more thing to say before I go... I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite corny jokes...

Why does Snoop Dogg walk around with an umbrella?

(scroll down for the answer)

Answer: Fo' Drizzle!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

How Bout Dem Cowboys

Yeaaaaah baby!!!!! My 'boys did their thing yesterday against the Chargers. It was a hard fought victory, but they got the job done. The defense stepped it up when they needed to on that last series. This was after giving up that 33 yard pass on 4th down that had in my the house cussin’ out loud. My squad looked real good on both sides of the ball. When Bledsoe had time to throw, he was dead on target. All of the receivers looked good. Keyshawn had 2 TD’s, Crayton has a TD and some big time catches, and Glenn made some big plays as well.

What else can you say about Julius Jones??? The boy is a beast!!!! He’s picking up where he left on last season. It’s surprising to a lotta folks that he’s really that good. I still recall a bunch of newspapers and TV analysts criticizing Parcells for not drafting Steven Jackson in last years draft. Obviously, Bill knew what he was doing. In this years draft he picked up another big time player in DeMarcus Ware. Talk about a monster on defense. With the 3-4 D that the ‘Boys are playing, teams better not sleep on em. Signing Anthony Henry has already paid off in the first game. That guy was making plays left and right yesterday. Of course, you knew that Roy Williams was gonna do his thing and he was crushing chumps yesterday. Although they came close to letting the game slip through their grasp, they held strong. I’m just glad they got the W. - Official Website of the Dallas Cowboys