Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Sweets

I've been absent for a while, but all is well. The new gig is great and after working one full week, I was blessed with an entire week off... with pay since they're closed from Christmas to New Year's. Can't complain about that one for real. So I've just spent a good amount of time with family and much more time by myself doing much of nothing. If I watch one more judge show I might lose my mind. Anyway, Christmas was good as I spent Christmas Eve with my immediate family in MD and then rode to Carolina and spent Christmas Day with my fiancée's family in the country. Ever heard of Enfield, NC???? Well... that's country. Had a great time, even though being the lone Cowboy fan among a family of Dallas haters had it's trying moments during such a terrible game. No need to discuss that loss any further okay. I was treated with the warm love that you'd expect from good down home folks. With that love came more love in the form of food and desserts. If I don't watch it, I'm gonna be looking like the Nutty Professor by this time next year. I've got sweets for days I tell ya. I mean... really!!!! Take the desserts that I brought back from the country, along with what I received before and even some after Christmas and I might need to have a bake sale. Let me go over the line-up.

First off, grandma in NY sent me my bags of homemade cookies that I get every year around this time. Oatmeal raisin, sugar and chooclate chip. These are the real deal folks!!!!

Then my man came through from Cali and spent time back home in DC for about 2 weeks. While I was chillin' at his crib during that time frame, his moms laced me with some goodies.

Homemade cookies - chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin & sugar

Huge slice of homemade cherry pie

Homemade poundcake from scratch

Homemade lemon bars

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Christmas Eve my sweetie decided that she just needed her chocolate fix and she baked some brownies.

Then we went to Carolina for Christmas and brought back a 'few' slices of cake. The first plate disappeared somewhere folks. I think the phantom ate that one.... lol. Anyway, we have lemon cake, pineapple coconut cake and strawberry cake w/strawberry icing... my favorite!!!!

Now what am I supposed to do with all these sweets??? I can't be eating all of this stuff. I mean, I'd love to eat maybe half of it, but even that's not healthy is it??? Awwww maaaan... I dunno what to do. I don't even know where to start. I want to grab that last slice of cherry pie and pair it up with some vanilla ice cream. On the other hand, I kinda wanna just destroy that entire cake plate with a tall glass of milk. This is crazy. Ummmmm... I don't think I'll be posting any pics of myself for a while. I feel my face getting fat. This might be my last entry of 2006 and if it is I'd like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable New Year.


G. Mo

Monday, December 18, 2006

Day in the life of a die hard Cowboys fan

Destination - Cowboys @ Falcons game
Location - Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA
Time - 8:00pm

Saturday December 16, 2006

  • 5:45am - Awoke to my cell phone alarm, showered, threw on Cowboys jacket and skull cap, grabbed duffle bag and left house.
  • 6:43am - Hit I-95N while bumpin' the new Ghostface album. Arrived at BWI airport, parked car at $8 lot and caught shuttle to gate.
  • 8:02am - Went through security, arrived at gate and talked with other Cowboys fans who were on the same flight that I was on.
  • 8:50am - Boarded plane en route to ATL. Based upon my seat assigned, I sat next to older white lady who looked nervous to be sitting next to me. She was having trouble with her seatbelt and as I reached over to try and help, she immediately began to tremble as if I was trying to take her purse.
  • 9:22am - Flight attendants served me the cranberry juice that I had requested and also provided these gourmet biscuits called a Biscoff. Who were they foolin? That joint was nothin' but a graham cracker.
  • 10:35am - Arrived in ATL, sent my baby a text message confirming my arrival and walked the airport concourse. Lord, was it hot!!! It had to be around 70 degrees. I immediately took off the jacket and skullcap.
  • 11:13am - Caught Alamo shuttle to their lot and since I did the online check-in I was able to select whatever full sized car I wanted. Saw a rack of Pontiac's (nope) and a few Impala's but without XM radio (nope)... so I waited.
  • 11:37am - Attendants bring more cars over and I spot a white Impala with leather seats and XM radio. However I wasn't the only one who saw it and this other guy was headed in that direction also. I beat him to it. Jumped in, checked out at the gate and rolled out.
  • 11:41am - Hit I-285N en route to my uncle's house. Called him to get specific directions and found out that he wasn't at the address I had listed. However his new house was only 2 miles away from the old house. Thank the good Lord he wasn't that far away cuz I didn't need to be gettin' lost.
  • 12:09pm - 1:41pm - Arrived at my uncle's house in Marietta. Sat on the deck of his house and talked to him for a while about everything from my new job to flavored water to his recent open heart surgery. He looked good for a man who had only been home a few days after having heart surgery. I thank the Lord that he came through alright.
  • 1:41pm - 4:19pm - My cousins came by the house bearing gifts... yep, a bucket of KFC and a rack of sides for a brotha. Ate chicken and talked with them for a few hours. It had been close to 5 years since I last saw all of them at the famly reunion in NY. Both he and she are a few years younger than me and are originally from NY. But even after being in ATL for 15 years, their NY accents still remain. Glad to see that everyone is lookin' good. All of their kids are really growing up I tell ya.
  • 4:39pm - While driving on I-285S I receive a text message from my fiancée that says "I love you". Of course I sent her a text message back saying "I LOVE YOU TOO!!!"
  • 4:56pm - 5:14pm - Got lost, frustrated and confused. Called my man Jay who has worked for Hyatt hotels for over 20 years to see if the hook-up we had talked about earlier in the week was in effect. I gave (yeah, as in free) him some Redskins tickets a few weeks back and he owed me a favor. 15 minutes later he calls and gives me the info for the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and says that it's all taken care of.... as in comped.
  • 5:26pm - 6:17pm - Locate hotel, check in and watch ESPN for a while. Take off the gray shirt I had on most of the day in exchange for a navy blue one. Grabbed my ticket to the game and my digital camera and started walking down Peachtree towards Andrew Young Blvd en route to the Georgia Dome.
  • 6:47pm - 7:15pm - Arrive at Georgia Dome. Walk around the stadium for a while where a number of events are taking place as part of the fan experience.
  • 7:21pm - 7:52pm - Went inside Georgia Dome, found seat in section 101 and took pics as the players were warming up.
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  • 8:02pm - Cowboys enter. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah baby!!!!
  • 8:05pm - Falcons enter. Booooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • 8:08pm - 9:30pm - Good game played by both teams. Score tied 21-21 at halftime. Saw most of the first half, but when my newfound friend Mike (Cowboys fan sitting next to me who flew from Cincinnati for the game) offered to buy me a beer (in his words "You flying, I'm buying") I went to the concessions and that's when DeMarcus Ware intercepted Vick and ran it back for a TD. I was so siiiick that I missed that. But Mike had the tab all night, just as long as I did the running. He was really a cool dude,

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  • 9:38pm - Ludacris performs at halftime. His performance of "Money Maker" was boring. Nobody was dancing, it was just him and the DJ on the stage at the 50 yard line.

  • 9:45pm - 10:39pm - Falcons came out and drove the ball down the Cowboys throat making it 28-21. I was getting a lil' bit nervous. The Boys came back and took the lead to make it 31-28 on a FG and a Marion Barber TD. Michael Vick broke the rushing record for QB's and got a huge ovation from the crowd.

  • 10:49pm - Marion Barber TD to make it 38-28. You've probably seen it on the highlights, but this was from my perspective. Keep in mind that I got just a lil' bit excited.

  • 10:51pm - Got tons of celebration text messages from my fellow Cowboys fans who knew I was gonna be at the game.
  • 11:02pm - 12:49am - Hollered, screamed, high fived, hugged, gave dap to every single person I saw who was wearing Cowboys attire as I was walking from the Georgia Dome all the way to Peachtree. I was really feelin' good about that win... I mean really good!!!!! Mike, myself and handful of other 'Boys fans (all who had travelled from various cities) we met at the game went over to a sports bar and celebrated some more. Called fiancée who seemed concerned that I might've been drinking a li' bit too much and asked me promise to text her when I got back to the room.
**a few of my celebration vid clips... I apologize for the camera angles**

Sunday December 17, 2006
  • 1:00am-2:00am (not really sure of exact time) - Got back to room, watched ESPN highlights of the Knicks-Nuggets fight, recap of the Cowboys-Falcons game and fell asleep
  • 4:34am - Awoke and remembered that I had promised to text my fiancée when I got back to the room. Although a 'few' hours late, I went ahead and sent the message anyway and prepared myself for any repercussions of my tardiness.
  • 5:45am - 6:30am - Wake-up call came from front desk per my request. Went downstairs to the cafe and ate breakfast. Since my man hooked me up, the Hyatt had included me a free buffet breakfast as well. Went to ask the waitress for some juice and realized that my voice was rather raspy and throat was kinda sore. It was definitely from all the hollering.
  • 7:10am - 7:53am - Checked out and took car back to Alamo. One problem, I had forgot to put gas in the car and it was at 3/4 tank. Those jokers wanted to charge me $25 extra for that so guess what I did? Yep, I left their lot and took the directions to the nearest gas station where I ended up putting $9.57 in the tank. Call me cheap if you want, but the entire one day rental only cost me $25.17, I wasn't giving them $25 for gas.
  • 8:24am - 9:30am Went through security and got verbally abused by salty Falcons fans along the way as I had on my favorite Dorsett jersey on. Got to the gate and talked to a few Cowboys fans who had been on the exact same flight with me the previous morning. They also had gone to the game and were as excited as I was.
  • 11:16am - Plane landed at BWI. I texted my baby to confirm my arrival, caught the shuttle to the lot where my car was, paid the bill and hit I-95S.
  • 12:21pm - Got home and crashed!!!!!
The End.................................


G. Mo

Friday, December 15, 2006

Answering the challenge

----- Original Message -----

From: *********@ *******.net
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 2:50 PM
Subject: Elmo

Yo this is ***** aka ****** **** ******** from blog world tryin to holla at you about those Tickle Me Elmos. When I read your blog a few months ago you mentioned that you had a lot of them. Then the other day you said that you were getting more. Do you really have them? I find it hard to believe that you have as many as you claim to have. I can't find them at any stores in my city and their no where to be found when I shop online. You always post photos on your blog and I was wondering if you really had them why didn't you show your own pic for proof instead of the one you used from the toy website. If you don't mind returning this email and sending a pic with the Elmo and the newspaper in your city showing the current date, I may be willing to buy two of them from you through PayPal. If you got some Nintendo Wii consoles, I need one of those too. Let me know mayne.

Thanks in advance

G. Mo's video response:

**This video filmed purely for entertainment purposes**

I think I went above and beyond the necessary means to answer this challenge. Instead of sending just a picture, I decided to send a message... even if it was at 3am when I was a lil' bit tired... lol. I get kinda crazy like that sometimes. I don't really know why folks think I'm lying. This isn't the only clown to email me and ask me if I actually had the Elmo TMX's in my possession. I have no reason to lie. Yes, I work a regular job like most people, but staying on the grind is what I thrive on. I'm a hustler, this is what I do. While you sleep at 2am, I'm dreaming of ways to make more money or I might be meeting someone in the parking lot at the IHOP for an exchange of money for Redskins tickets. I've been that way since I was a kid. I guess I really need to finish the blog entry that I started a while back on my days of selling day old donuts and candy to kids at school. Then folks will really be able to get a clearer picture of how I got to the point I'm at now. The 9-5 pays the bills and then some. I just have a greater desire to enjoy life to the fullest. The hustle allows me to do that. Plus, with our wedding coming very soon... every dollar counts. You won't be eating chicken fingers, french fries and drinking Hi-C Ecto Cooler at our reception.... lol.

Anyway... everybody have a wonderful weekend. It's the holiday season, so spend some time with a family member, reminisce on old times or create special moments. If you can't be with your loved one(s) for whatever reason, at least call and let them know how much you love and care about them. So many days are spent shopping for gifts and what not and we really miss the true meaning of Christmas.


G. Mo

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where do you put your ketchup?

*this entry was inspired by my fiancée who hates cold ketchup*

Where do you put your ketchup… the cabinet or the fridge???

ketchup: fridge
hot sauce: either or, it doesn’t matter
mustard: fridge
A-1 or other steak sauce: fridge
BBQ sauce: fridge
syrup: cabinet
jelly: fridge
peanut butter: cabinet

When it somes to my food I must have these name brands…
(go ahead and name 'em if you're picky like I am)

Ketchup – Heinz
Orange Juice - Tropicana
Peanut Butter – Jif
Cola – Pepsi
Ice Cream – Turkey Hill or Edy’s (I hate Breyer’s!!!!)
Potato Chips – whatever is on sale
Hot Dogs – Sabrett or Hebrew National
Yogurt – Yoplait or Breyer’s
Salsa – no preference
Hot Sauce – no preference
BBQ Sauce – Kraft
Mayonnaise – don’t use
Salad Dressing – Kraft or Newman's Own
Pickles – Vlasic
Beans – Bush’s
Crackers – Ritz
Cookies – Pillsbury Cookie Dough
Cold Cereal – Generally, Kellogg’s
Hot Cereal – Cream of Wheat
Cake Mix - Pillsbury

Here's a few more abstract food questions that popped in my head as I was writing this

Eggs: Scrambled or Fried, hard Boiled or omelette? Omelette
Orange juice: Pulp or no pulp? Pulp
Milk: What kind? 2%
Chicken: White or dark meat? White
Bread: Whole wheat, white, potato, or something else? Potato bread
Rice: Brown or white rice? White rice
Corn: Frozen, Canned or corn on the cob? On the cob
Leftover pizza: Cold or heated up in the microwave? (Oven and toaster oven is not an option) I actually put it in the microwave first, then in the oven to allow the crust to harden.
Butter or margarine? Margarine
Little Debbie or Hostess? Little Debbie
Granola bars or fitness bars? Granola
Powerade or Gatorade? Powerade
Apple juice or apple cider? Cider
Baked, mashed, fried, scalloped, or au gratin potatoes? Baked
Green, red or purple grapes? Red
Peaches or nectarines? Nectarines
Jam, Jelly or preserves? Preserves
Cool Whip or whipped cream? Cool Whip

Any food allergies?

Shellfish, however I do play Russian Roulette and eat a few shrimp or crab cakes on occasion. I’ve only been to the ER twice and that was after eating crabs or seafood salad. I break out real bad and have trouble breathing. So far the only effects from the shrimp or crab cakes has been a swollen bottom lip that went away after a dose of Benadryl.

Go ahead and share your preferences and/or your opinion of my selections.


G. Mo

Monday, December 11, 2006

Random Ramblings

Thought of the day:

With Allen Iverson on the trading block, will he soon become a member of my Celtics and be known as Allen Irishson??? Danny Ainge better not give up Gerald Green to get him though...

The rest of the ramble:

Why am I not mad that the Cowboys got destroyed by the Saints last night?

Wasn't it great watching a class act like LaDainian Tomlinson break the NFL record for TD's in a season yesterday?

Will a weekend ever pass where I don't go to Costco?

Why is this full glass of cranberry juice still on the nightstand from last night? Should I drink it?

When will I make Grandma's Pistachio cake, now that I've gathered all the ingredients?

Why did Superfresh have a buy one, get one free on Turkey Hill? How soon before I tear into this Egg Nog ice cream?

Will I ever stop being lazy and finally put the Christmas tree up?

Why is Blunt Ashes the best joint off the Nas Hip Hop is Dead album? Did you know that Chris Webber (yeah, that C-Webb) produced that track?

Why is Sunday newspaper still wrapped in plastic?

How did I forget that I had already loosened the top on the salad dressing and went to shake it and spilled dressing everywhere in the dining room from the carpet to the chairs to the wall?

How much will I enjoy my last 5 days going into this job? Will they try to work my nerves or let me have peace? Does it even matter?

Will I get my next two shipments of Elmo's today from Toys R Us & Fisher-Price? Can I sell them as easy as I did the other night?

Why does this pic from Friday nights company Christmas party make me laugh? I'mma miss those cats from the mailroom...

Awwww maaan, I forgot to take out the trash last night... should I put my shoes on this time??? lol

I'm out......


G. Mo

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

To Carolina and back

So with the new job and all I had to make some travel adjustments. My original plan was to go visit my pops and grandparents in Charlotte for a few days the week of the 18th, but I agreed to start the new gig on that date. I manueuvered my flights and had them moved up to this past weekend where I hopped on a plane Saturday afternoon. The whole new security measures with this 311 nonsense forced me to check my bag, something I never do. But with liquids (colognes, lotions, etc) in my duffle I couldn't carry it onto the plane. I got into Charlotte around 5 that afternoon, called my fiancee to let her know I had arrived safely and then jumped on a shuttle to where the rental cars were. That's when the fun began.

I had already reserved a rental car through Alamo and all I had to do was go to the lot, pick a car I liked and drive to the front gate to verify. I took a quick look and decided upon a Saturn Aura. Now, I've never driven a Saturn in my life, but this car was kinda souped up and it had leather and woodgrain. I hopped in it, toss my bag and briefcase in the back, popped in the new Mos Def and headed to the gate. When I got there the attendant told me that the car had maintenance issues and that I needed to select another car. Maintenance issues???? Why was it on the lot then??? Anyway, the brotha was real cool and said he'd upgrade me to anything I wanted on the lot, even an SUV it I wanted it. I didn't need a gas guzzling truck, so I selected an silver Impala. Went through the same routine as I did with the Saturn and headed to the gate. As I arrived there, a red indicator flashed which read "check right front tire pressure". I asked dude about it and again he said I should select another car. I sighed and looked at him as if to say "Bruh... you can't be serious???" He told me to hold on a sec and he left the booth running into a lot for employees only. Shortly thereafter he swerved up in a white Impala with bass booming from the inside. The door opened and he said to me "This is the best car on the lot, it's got XM radio, the hot system and it's really really fast". So you know what I did, I jumped in it and started my journey down 85.

I got to my grandparents house and I had just made it in time as they were all dressed up, leaving out the house to attend a dinner function. They each gave me a quick hug and said they'd see me in the morning. I scooped up pops and headed to his crib. We weren't there more than 2 hours and he was getting ready for bed. Time for Plan B. I called a handful of my cousins, but they were all bunned up with their ladies and made excuses why they couldn't come out. So I did the next best thing, went to Picasso's sports bar. I wanted to see the Winky Wright fight anyway and since pops didn't have cable, I had to go somewhere. After arriving at Picasso's, I called my cousins back along with a few of my partners who live in Charlotte and told them where I was. I sat down at a table by myself, ordered some wings and a salad and watched the college football games that they had on the screen. There were a lot of students from Charlotte in there watching their game vs Indiana, but after the Hoosiers whipped their squad, a lot of them rolled out. By the time the fight came on, a few of my folks swung through to kick it with me. We sat there for a few hours talking and what not and then I rolled back to pops crib.

For the next 24 hrs I spent a good amount of time with pops and the grandfolks. Grandma hooked up breakfast in a BIG way. I'm talkin bout that good ole' grits, eggs and biscuits breakfast. I was halfway sleep when the football game came on. We sat there and looked at football most of the day Sunday and of course you know a brotha was real happy with the Cowboys victory over the NY Midgets that afternoon. Spent a good amount of time talking to my grandfolks and filling them in on my life and what was going on. Being that neither them nor pops had met my fiancee, I had to pull out the sheets of pictures that I had printed off the computer shortly before I left MD. Most of them were of my fiancee and I, but I also had some pics of my nieces and a few of my brother and sister as well. I still had some pics from Thanksgiving on my camera and I showed them those as well. We all talked for a while and I assured all of them that I was aware of the steps that I needed to be happy this go round. Their only concern was that what happened in my first marriage, didn't occur again. I understood everything they were saying and truly appreciated their love and concern. They didn't want me to get hurt again and on the short end of the infidelity stick like before. I'm more focused spiritually now and have no doubt in my mind that the woman in my life today, is the one who will be there tomorrow and from this point forward.

So me and pops leave from my grandfolks house, grab a pizza from Pizza Hut and then hit the Harris Teeter. Yo... do you know what I found in that store??? I found some Vernors Ginger Soda.

For those who don't know, this just might be the best soda on earth. It's similar to ginger ale, but it has a strong ginger taste with hints of vanilla. You know I brought back a 6 pack from Charlotte on the plane cuz I can’t find it in the DC area anywhere… I don’t understand why stores in this area don’t carry it. I used to be able to find it, but can’t anymore. Been drinkin’ it since I was a kid and it's like dat!!!! Pops and I tore that 'veggie lovers' pizza up. Ummmmm... there's a story I wrote a short time ago about pops being a vegetarian and all entitled I'd like two Whoppers... hold the meat and it's kinda funny... read it at your leisure.

Next morning we got up, ran errands around town and I prepared to make my departure back to the DC area. After years and years of inquiring, Grandma did something I never thought she'd do. She finally gave me the recipe for her pistachio cake. Yeah, it's green, take a look.

I'm telling you that this is the best cake I've ever had in my life. I had to promise her that I would not share the recipe, so sorry folks you'll just have to imagine how good it is... or when I bake it, I'll FedEx you some. She gave me half the cake that she had baked for me and I quickly wrapped it up in aluminum foil. I took a few pics with the folks, gave em hugs and kisses and hopped in the rental. I don't see them as often as I should and I really enjoyed spending time with them for a few days. As I was driving towards 85 on my way to the airport, what do I see??? It's a Mickey Deez with a huge sign that reads McRib Farewell Tour II.

I almost crashed that Impala trying to get over there. You know how long it's been since I had a McRib sammich??? It had to at least been close to 10 years. So, I rolled up to the drive thru, ordered one and continued on to the airport. While tuning stations on XM, I came upon one that was playing Jay-Z's "Feelin' It". That's one of my favorite songs off the Reasonable Doubt album and I cranked the volume and bass to levels that would probably cause folks to cringe and hold their ears. I turned the car in, hopped the shuttle to the terminal and sat there eating my McRib sammich. I'm telling you... it was hittin'!!!!

Shortly thereafter, I went through the whole security thing, caught my flight and arrived safely back at BWI. It was a good weekend. I enjoyed spending time with my folks. I must do it again real soon. For those out there who've got parents, grandparents and family members that you don't see too often because they're in other states, take time to go see them. I love them much and my life is always enriched when I spend time with them. We never know just how much longer they'll be here. Tomorrow is not promised. Next stop... NYC to see my other grandma.



Friday, December 01, 2006

Truly Blessed

**This is a long entry. However it is a very inspirational one.**

This week has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve got so much energy and excitement right now that I can barely contain it. A little more than an hour ago I submitted my letter of resignation with two weeks notice to my current boss. My reasons of how things came to this point I will explain throughout this entry.

About a year ago I began to start attending church again. When I say again, I mean that it’s been a good 12 years since I’ve been a member of any church and attended regularly. I have a ton of reasons why I chose not to attend church, but explaining why would take about 25 paragraphs. Anyway, I began attending church with my fiancée. It was a Sunday evening service at 6pm and I was real hesitant to get up from my day of viewing football to attend. However, I decided to go with her. The service was pretty good and I enjoyed the message that day. The following Sunday, we went again and I started to become more comfortable in the environment of the church. After not going for a while, it felt weird at first. My only reasons for being in church had been for weddings and funerals, that was it. Now I was back and the feeling in my heart was a positive one.

Now, I was raised to believe that when people run around the church like the Olympics and did all that hollering, screaming and jumping over pews like hurdles, that it was more for show. That stuff used to give me the creeps for real. When I attended churches and that occurred, I’d politely excuse myself and go to my car for a while and then return after the antics were over. However, this church did not have that type of environment. People got their spirit in various ways, but there wasn’t a lot of nonsense so to speak. The pastor was a young brotha and I could really feel his message. His talks were more like conversations and not sermons. The brotha kept it real and talked about his life experiences, which made me feel more at ease. I started to not care about football as much and looked forward to attending each week. Now anyone who knows me must know that getting me away from the TV or stadium on Football Sunday was a miracle in itself.

Fast forward to this past spring. After attending services regularly since that first day (with a few misses here and there), I decided to join the church. The reverend made the call to the congregation for those who wanted to join the church and seek salvation. My fiancée and I walked together to the front of the church and at that point I felt a ton of weight lifted from my soul. We decided to re-dedicate ourselves as a couple. Being that she was already a member, I was the one who needed to complete the new member orientation classes. I completed them sometime in August I believe. In September I was read into the church as a member and given the right hand of fellowship.

Now one issue that I always had issues with was giving up my money. To be straight to the point, I’m talking about tithing. Now I’d throw a $5 or a $10 in the offering plate every now and then, but I wasn’t going to give up 10% of my salary every time I went to church. However through growth in my faith I began to tithe regularly at some point in the summer. It wasn’t easy at first because I’d look at my checkbook and say “I could use this to buy _______”. But I remained faithful, continued to tithe and attend church regularly.

Getting to the job situation. I’ve been at the same job for 4 years as an Audiovisual Technician at one of the largest media companies in the world. I do sound, lighting, video, editing, videoconferencing, web casts, etc. About 10 months ago, my co-worker (other technician) resigned. That left me and my immediate boss to cover 65 multimedia rooms serving 2500 employees. Now you would figured that assuming the responsibilities of my co-worker as well as my own would grant a ‘moderate’ boost in salary. However that day never came. The bad timing of it all was that my review came a few weeks before my co-worker left and I was given my annual 4% at that time. They didn’t feel the need to make any adjustments after losing a member of the staff. I’ve been truly working as hard as a brotha can work since the early part of February. Since that time. I’ve been looking around and interviewing here and there, but nothing in the salary range that would allow me to depart. I refused to make lateral moves for small increases.

Now the commute daily of 40 miles each way to work from MD to VA was taking its toll on me. My doctors discovered degenerative disks in both my neck and back less than 2 months ago, but the pain has been there for some time. Sitting in traffic daily only aggravated my condition more. One night as I lay in bed writhing in pain I asked God to look out for me. I talked about my physical pain and my desire to find an employer that would appreciate me financially. I didn’t think I asked for too much, I only wanted about a 15% - 18% increase over my current annual. I prayed on many other things in my life as well.

About 3 weeks ago while Googl’n on a Saturday afternoon I saw a listing for a position similar to the one that I’m in now, but in downtown DC. I attached my resume, hit the submit button and received a confirmation as with tons of jobs I’ve applied for in the past. A week later I received a phone call from the HR representative. From there I did a phone interview which was successful enough for me to get an in-person interview which took place this past Tuesday. I walked into the company conference room and was grilled by 5 members of the staff on my resume, my knowledge of audiovisual and IT, my educational background, etc. They threw everything that they could throw at me and I remained cool. I answered each question to their satisfaction and didn’t break a sweat. I prayed a few moments before entering that conference room and I had the strength and determination that the Lord gave me that afternoon. I felt a wave of quiet confidence in my technical abilities and didn’t waver one bit.

Five hours after I left my interview, I received a voicemail call from their HR manager. They wanted to talk with me further about taking the next step. I returned the voicemail, but they had closed for the evening. Wednesday morning they called me back and made me an offer. Not just any offer, but a 39% increase over my current salary. Yes, I said 39%!!!! I’m not going to even front, I cried like a baby. Maaaan, my eyes are watering right now as I type this. Without hesitation or need for further negotiation, I accepted the offer on the spot. That evening as I drove home from work I made a detour. My partners wanted to celebrate over some drinks, but I knew where I needed to be. I drove straight to church for Bible study. I had to give praise where the praises were due. The Lord gave me that strength to go in that interview and knock those folks out. This was the first time I had been to Bible study in close to 25 years. Yet, I needed to celebrate in the house of the Lord.

I was overjoyed that night and had to go to church and say “Thank You”. Now anyone who knows me is aware that I’m not a ‘holy roller’, but I’ve grown in my faith and spirituality over the past year. I’m far from perfect and like all of us I still have my battles and temptations, but it feels good to know that God is working with me and still blessing me. As I entered into the sanctuary, I sat down in the pew beside my future mother-in-law who had no clue I was coming to church that night. She told me that she had prayed for my success in the interview and she gave me a big, warm motherly hug. After brief selections from the Praise Team, the Reverend came to the podium. His topic for the evening… Financial Faithfulness. He spoke about the blessings and rewards we get when we give God that 10% and how Christians are blessed when we do tithe. It was incredible to me that his message that night was perfect for what I was going through. The Lord does hear and answer prayers folks, he really does. Now I’m going to a new job, I have the ability for more growth professionally and financially and my commute will either be by car or subway to downtown DC each day. No more sitting in my car for 2 hours a day with neck and back pains.

God is good I tell ya... I feel truly blessed!!!!!