Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shameless Plug: Katt Williams tickets

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He's coming to DC for the Pimp Chronicles Part II tour on April 27 and I've got a handful of tickets. Now you know that he's funny as hell and it's gonna be laced with lots of profanity. Forget trying to get them from Ticketmaster once they become on sale to the general public, all the good seats are gone. I got em if you want em.

Here's the ad that I currently have posted on craigslist... but those of you who are in my database, know you can still get em from me through the other channels

edit: March 30 - all available tickets have been sold, but if you're still looking for tickets I'll have more seats the first week of April... just drop me an email or leave a voicemail... thanks

now you can get at me in one of two ways...


ticket hotline 202-609-8607