Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex & The City: Women losin' their @!#?%! minds!!!

I realize that I'm probably gonna get a lot of heat from the women on this one, but whatever. The panic frenzy involving the release of the movie this week is ridiculous. I mean, is this movie like y'all Super Bowl or somethin'??? I mean dayummmmm. It had to have been close to a year ago when the announcement was made about the HBO series returning, but to the big screen this time. Ever since that day I've had to endure Sex & The City this, Sex & The City that on the homefront. From re-runs on TBS to the revival of episodes through On Demand to the entire collection on DVD, my wife has covered all bases. I'm surprised she hasn't adapted the opening theme song as one of her ringtones.

Now anytime I'll joke about it, shake my head or scowl at the site of those 4 broads on a TV in the house, my wife always has a rehearsed answer. I'm always reminded of my intake of non-stop ESPN, NBATV, NFL Network and other sports programming on the tube. The thing is, that aint the same. I NEVER watch ESPN Classic where they show old games. Once I've watched a game, I'll check the highlights and it's over. Thus, watching episodes over and over and over of the same thing seems redundant to me. Some might say, "Hey G.Mo... you have DVD's of Good Times, What's Happening and Sanford and Son, plus you watch those reruns, so how is that different?". Those are sitcoms that I can relate to and I can't compare my enjoyment of viewing those with women and the fascination with Sex & The City. Sorry... aint gonna even do it.

Wife done sketched out an itinerary for her girls and what not like it's some kinda top secret mission. Go out for Martini's at this time, meet up and see the movie at a special location at that time, then go to the diner after the movie is over. Is it really that serious??? Y'all got tailgating plans like folks do for Sunday football games??? You gonna dress like em too complete with the high heels they wear 24/7. Hell, why not make a real night of it and leave the car at home and take a taxi around the city. You wanna do it up right? I know there's probably over a million Evite invites being sent from women all over the world for this very important event. Now I had a female friend try to compare the anticipation for this movie the way I looked forward to The Wire each Sunday for the past 6 years. Let me tell you this. Never once did I call my boys and be like "Aiiiight... let's meet up on the block. I'mma be Avon, y'all are gonna be Stringer, Marlo and Bodie".

But ya know, it's whatever. Everybody has their vice. I'm not hatin' on the show. If you like watching the lives of women who live promiscuously with no shame, who indulge in materialistic and impetuous behaviors, but yet still wish to find their knight in shining armor, be my guest. Guess it speaks volumes on the freedom of women today. Some will say modern women, others will say garden tools. I'm not even trying to go there aiiiight. It's just a show. But what I truly wonder is just how many women look at these chics as their role models. How the hell should I take it seriously when the primary love interest is Det. Logan from Law & Order? Aint he about 60??? That's like me getting excited about Rollo falling in love with Aunt Esther. Hell, at least they got Jennifer Hudson up in it. Let's see how her acting skills are after Dreamgirls.

At the end of the day I love my wife and respect her individual choices... except that burgundy and gold uniformed football team. Although she has no clue, I actually did try to get some tickets for her in NYC for the actual premiere, but was unsuccessful. I even entered in some contests for premieres elsewhere... failed there too. So, she'll just have to settle for the DC shows here on Friday. Ya know, with all the hoopla, I'm actually interested in seeing how the movie turns how. I mean, with all the influence around me I have soaked in a lil' bit of it I guess. French martini's go well with any TV show.... lol. I told her that since she'll be pre-occupied with the ladies for the Girls Night outing that evening, that I had a plan for all the fellas left behind that night. We're all going to the strip joint. Haven't been to The House on Georgia Ave in a while. Might as well enjoy some sexual chocolate in the city at one of DC's finest hood spots right?

*hears crickets chirping outside the window*

*looks over and sees wife sleeping peacefully*

*contemplates the enjoyment of living*

Then again, for the betterment of my health maybe I'll just hit up the sports bar and watch Game 6 of the Celtics-Pistons series.


G. Mo

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Memorial Day Weekend to Forget

First off, I want to send a quick shout to all the US troops out there which includes family members and friends. I also express my condolences to the families that have lost loved ones who fought for this country.

This weekend for me was nothing but pure hell. For weeks my allergies have been killing me, but Friday night I got hit with the works.

- migraine headache
- ears ringing
- neck pain
- swollen, scratchy throat that felt tight
- ice cold chills
- constant sweating
- chest discomfort
- difficulty breathing
- body aching and weird pains all over
- sinus and nasal congestion... lot of throat clearing, but no phlegm
-... and ummmm other stuff I won't go into detail about

Anyway, I did what most folks would do under the circumstances. I started drinking lots of fluids. Saturday morning came around and I could barely talk without pain. Wife went to get her hair done, so after she left I ran the customary Saturday errands to the Amish Market, Costco, etc. The weather was awesome outside, but I was freezing. I mean goosebumps all over. Around 3pm I realized that I couldn't survive any longer, so I drove back home and got in the bed. But before I did I took some Tussin, popped a few Hauls lozenges and took a Percocet. When I woke back up the Celtics-Pistons game was starting and I felt no different. The wife was kind enough to fix me some tea upon her return home and after celebrating the Celtics victory, I fell back into a deep sleep.

Sunday morning was worse. But again I attempted to nuke the ills out of me with hot tea, juices and water and some Alka Seltzer Cough & Cold. I was so bad that I didn't even go to church. Now I'm not one for missing church. In fact, I enjoy the services and have been very active with the youth over the past few weeks. However, I couldn't do it. Pretty much the same as Saturday. I laid in the bed the majority of the day. Wife was kind enough to hit the grocery store and replenish the liquids I had devoured in just 24 hours.

Monday morning hits. I opened my eyes and finally gave in. I was going to the hospital. I mean, I literally sweat through at least 6 sets of t-shirts and basketball shorts and was up to at least 4 showers a day trying to stay warm. I informed her of my decision and off we went to the VA Hospital. Ya know... for Veterans. You better believe that if given the choice I would never go to any other ER in the MD/DC area. I've always been treated with care by the VA Medical Center for health issues once my time spent in the Navy was complete. I was not about to spend 3 hours in nobody's waiting room at PG, Laurel or Wash Hosp Center. Nope, the kid wasn't going for that. The minute I walk into the door, they take my VA ID card and take my vitals within 5 minutes. From there I'm whisked away to a bed in a backroom where I donated blood for lab work, took chest x-rays and was poked and prodded by the nurses for a while. I ended up spending pretty much my entire day IV'd and drugged up. I mean they had two bags of phosphate solution going into my arm.

What's funny is that in mid sleep, I caught a glimpse of my wife coming towards my room. Seems that one of the old Vets was talking a hole in her head while she was trying to read and she decided to vacate the premises. What's even funnier is that that same dude had been outside my room about 20 minutes earlier talking the same nonsense. I had to briefly explain to her how old school Vets get in waiting rooms... they love to talk. Plain and simple. They talk about any and everything. So she decided to keep me company in my room and critique everything from the smell of the room to the nurses to me face looking grizzly from lack of shaving. That what wives do I suppose. Here it was Memorial Day, a day to commemorate the Veterans and where was I... the VA Hospital.

Doc comes back, looks at my wife and says "Why is your husband moaning like this when he has such a lovely wife?" If I could've sat up long enough to give him the "Yeaaaaah aiiiiight playa" look, I would've. I do have a beautiful wife though. Besides keeping me company all those hours in the ER, she even made some burgers and hotdogs when we finally got home since my sick behind couldn't make it to any cookouts. Thanks baby! I didn't even get to take my nieces to the park as I had planned. I'll make it up to them though. Now If you wondered whether I was really moaning like a big baby in that hospital bed, yep I sure was. I was in a ton of pain. Doc finally tells me that I have a respiratory infection. Turns out that my severe allergies were a lot mor than I ever realized. I'm given some Cipro, some Tylenol 3 and sent home on 3 days bedrest. That means, no work and lots of judge shows. It also means that at 1 o'clock in the morning I'm wide awake. I've slept more than half the day on meds and what not. Now I can't sleep. Amazingly what will I be missing tomorrow at the office you ask? Our annual yearly Health & Fitness day. *shakes head*

I'm gone... Pray for a brotha. I got meds, but I'm far from 100%...


G. Mo

Monday, May 19, 2008

Accused of aggravated assault

Let me start this by saying that my fellow blogger ListenToLeon has accused me of beating him down. This atrocity of the truth has been chronicled over at his site under the fictitious title Taking A Blogger Beating. I am 100% innocent of those charges and will now utilize this forum to explain the TRUE facts.

This past Saturday I decided to join some of the fellas over in Crystal City at the basketball courts for some ballin'. Now most of the cats got out there around noontime and had gotten some early runs in, but I had to work and didn't get there til mid afternoon. Regardless, I sat out a game and called "Next". I got on the court with some local brothas that I know from the Russ Parr Message Board and we set out to take the current squad off the court. Those cats had been winning games left and right and we set out to show them we had the skills to take them out.

It just so happened that Leon was on that other squad. In the previous game I saw him scoring left and right and was trying to figure out just who the hell was guarding him. Leon and I played at the same court last year and I wasn't impressed. I'm not saying that he was sorry or nothing, but wasn't sick wit it. So I set out to show him that he wasn't bout to be getting easy baskets on me. On the flip side, dude decided that he was gonna check me on defense. That brotha obviously didn't realize that even though I'm all of 5'9" that I grew up playing with cousins who were all 6 footers. Thus, I don't know how not to play strong. I guess he figured since we were close to the same height that he could guard me with ease. Wrong answer homie! I'm short, but I'm solid. I play on the box and get mines.

We played a rack of games, I don't recall how many. His squad won all of them, but I felt good knowing that he wasn't getting off with those jumpers and cherry picking baskets like he had on those other jokers. The fellas milled around for a while and my man Lawry suggested that one of us play Leon in a one on one game. Well, you know I was up for the challenge of playing small ball with the long, lost member of Menudo. We agreed to play to 5.

That should've been easy right? Naw. In what might've been the longest game in the history of one-on-one basketball this decade, I think we played for close to 20 minutes. It was like Uncle Woodrow vs Grady from Sanford and Son. I was winded, he was winded. I moved slow, he moved slower. I dribbled the ball and literally walked around the court. It was real bad. However through it all I was the first one to score 5 buckets. That meant victory. A statement game for the kid. A blogger beatdown on the basketball court. Basketball is a game for men. Nothing I did on the court was illegal. I play straight up basketball and use the skills that God gave me. If that means a shoulder dip, a forearm to hold my ground or backing my man to the basket, then so be it. If you aint ready to play hardcore, then go to the playground and play on the Merry-Go-Round.

I've been portrayed as Clubber Lang. Ya know... Mr. T from Rocky III. The way Leon describes the game and the after effects you'd a thought that he had been admitted to the ER or something laced up with an IV for the night. Hell, I'm just trying to get back in shape after the car accident in January. He lost to a dude with a Red Cross on his back. I'm not even 75%, but best believe that I still give 110%. I was (and still am) sore too. My wife will attest to me creeping around the house and saying "ooh" or ugh" every 15 seconds. But I didn't blame it on Yellow Man Ace even though he did hack me a few times. That's my man though. We're cool peeps even though he got a restraining order against me on the court. That's just part of the game. A game I love to play... or at least do my best to.

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I took a few animations off the tape and the entire video is below. I've encoded it and added some effects to it, but no amount of creative editing can mask such an ugly game. Go ahead and laugh if ya want. Better yet, c'mon out to the court. Leon and I will take you and whoever you bring to ball. Weeeeeee ready baby!!!!

Here's the video... let it load for a few seconds before viewing. In fact, get some popcorn, an ice pack for your knees and two tablets of 800 Ibuprofen... this is painfully hilarious.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

C'mon bruh... you can't be serious!!??

Folks, I've been in the ticket hustlin' business for about 14 years now and what happened yesterday was a first. Now as most of y'all well know, I scalp buy and sell tickets for events in the DC area. When I get a hot lead on a good show or game, I'll generally post it here or elsewhere on my website as a way to sell advertise the fact that I've got good seats. With the Erykah Badu & The Roots show being in DC this week, I've enlisted my usual outlets in trying to unload the tickets... StubHub, craigslist, message boards, blogs and word of mouth. I got a response from a craiglist ad I had posted for the tickets sometime on Monday evening. The guy was inquiring as to whether I still had seats remaining. At that very moment, I had one set of box seats left. He and I corresponded back and forth until sometime Tuesday morning, where we finally agreed on a price and a location to meet.

So early afternoon yesterday, I roll downtown DC to K St. I wasn't too far from where I work and the walk was good for me anyway. Dude left his job and we met up at a halfway point. He was a cool Black dude, dressed professionally and we talked for a few moments right there on the corner of 15th & I St. He showed me the cash and counted it out. I took the concert tickets from the envelope and allowed him to look at them to make sure he was getting what he was paying for. I accepted the money, he accepted the tickets and we both walked away happy.... so I thought. I wasn't even 3 blocks away and my cell phone started ringing. I looked at the number and quickly realized that it was the guy I had just made the exchange with. I looked at the number hard before answering. I was trying to figure out what it could be that dude wanted. I finally answered and he was like "Hey ummmmm... I thought this was for the show on Thursday night". I responded with "Naw maaan, the ad clearly said Wednesday. I even let you look at the tickets to verify everything before we made the deal". Dude comes back with "Well, I can't use them... where are you now?". Where was I??? Was this clown serious!!!??? He surely didn't think I was going to turn back around, give him his money back and he give me the tickets back... did he? I honestly had to be back in my office for a 2pm meeting, so I gave him the brush off. I just told him that I couldn't turn back at the point due to obligations in the office (which was true) and that I'd see what I could do to help him out. Know you know good and well I was like "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah right, should've read the ad correctly".

Now folks, I'm a really nice guy. I don't make deals that screw people over. I've never done that in all my years working tickets on the streets or using the net to facilitate purchases. I've probably made over thousands of ticket transactions in that time and never once had I actually sold to someone who realized later that they had the wrong tickets. That convo usually takes place when they inquire as to what seats and the date of the show I have. I was kind of stuck. I honestly could believe that he made an honest mistake. When we stood there on the corner talking, he was pretty excited about getting the seats for his lady. But now that he had the wrong date, what was he going to do? Suppose I was headed to the airport or something and really couldn't do anything about it. I mean, dude had no legal ground to stand on. Yeah, call me ghetto, but I'm always thinking about folks trying to sue for dumb reasons. Therefore, I'm all about business and don't deal with people I see as shady.

So here I was in a situation trying to figure out what to do. Meet up with him again and undo what had been done or take the stand of business is business, no refunds regardless. In an effort to see what I could do, I made a few calls and sent a few emails. Within about 2 hours I found a person willing to give up their Thursday box seats in exchange for the box seats for Wednesday that I had given him. It was a win-win-win for all three parties involved. I kept the money, my friend would get seats for Wednesday and dude would get tickets for Thursday. One problem, how was I gonna get all of us together? That was quickly solved by me being able to get the PDF file of the tickets that my friend had purchased. I never print tickets off my computer when buying off Ticketmaster. Folks who buy tickets from ads are skeptical of those. They want to see hard tickets printed from the box office. Those electronic seats can be printed off by the hundreds and when the date of the show arrives, the first person with those electronic seats gets in. By that point, the ticket seller is long gone in most cases. Anyway, I had her tickets printed on my office printer and headed to meet dude.

I got off work kinda late and met up with him over at one of the local hotel bars that me and the ticket crew chill at. He showed up about 20 minutes later. The minute he saw the paper tickets, he was like "Ummmm... are these good?". I was like "Brother... I came back to help you out. Do you think I would even waste your time with giving you seats that weren't good? I could've just forgotten that you called me back and chalked it up to you not paying attention to the ad". He agreed, we shook hands and chilled for a while there. After talking with him for a while, I realized that he was a pretty high profile political guy. I had never heard of him, but he was Canadian. I didn't catch the French accent when we first met, but it was very apparent for the time we chatted at the bar. Come to discover that he and his fellow colleagues attend Wizards, Redskins, and concert events all the time. I had made a good connection. Being able to lookout for dude after his error was going to pay off for me in future business. I didn't expect that to occur, but it did. I can't say honestly whether I would've given him the money back had my friend not come through with her tickets to swap. But that's an afterthought now. It's a done deal and everyone is happy.

I sure plan on enjoying Erykah and The Roots show with the wife tonight. Hope all the folks who've bought from me do as well.


G. Mo

Friday, May 09, 2008

No more Cran•Mango???

I'm tellin' you, for the past 6 months or so I've been going crazy. I've looked high and low for this stuff cuz it was one of my favorite drinks. My wife will tell you that's it gotten on her last nerve how I run to the Juice section of whatever store we're in. It didn't matter if it was Superfresh, Giant, Safeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Target, Walmart, Weis, whatever. I used to make random stops at stores all over the DC area in search for Ocean Spray's Cranberry Mango juice. After searching endlessly for this product, I finally gave in and emailed Ocean Spray directly. The response received back was not what I had desired. I had sort of given up hope a while back that they still carried it and their answer confirmed my suspicions.

May 9, 2008

Hello G. Mo,

Thanks for contacting us over here at Ocean Spray, where we pride ourselves on more than 75 years of taking great care in harvesting and manufacturing our products. It’s nice to hear from people who are as into cranberries as much as we are.

We’re glad to hear you chose us, but we’re very sorry that you were disappointed you couldn’t find us at your local store. We immediately shared your feedback with our marketing department.

Unfortunately we are no longer producing Cran·Mango® Cranberry Mango Juice Drink. Although we considered it to be a very fine product, consumer demand was not what we had anticipated. Consequently, a marketing decision was made to stop production. We are sorry that our answer could not be more favorable.

Thanks again for choosing Ocean Spray. Be sure to visit us sometime at, where you can get all the latest information on our products, find delicious recipes, and join the Cranberry Club for special news and offers. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or comments. Or if you just want to say hello, we’d like that too.

Tastes Good. Good For You.
Signature of Mr. Robert Stuve
And Your Friends at Ocean Spray

This sucks. I like a few of the other Cran drinks, but this one was my favorite. All I got for them is one more question. If it's discontinued, why do you jokers still have it on your website then??? Huh????
Cran•Mango® Cranberry Mango Juice Drink

Don't you hate it when a manufacturer discontinues something you really liked? I can't tell you how many things I used to eat/drink that are no longer with us. RIP Ocean Spray Cranberry Mango


G. Mo

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hold up... my man Jesse is alive

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Jesse and Angie 101

I'm sitting here flicking through channels and come up on ABC's All my Children. Now I used to watch the hell out of AMC back in the 80's. I mean, I used to record episodes on my VHS when in HS and watch them either when I got home or in a marathon on the weekend. So anyway as I'm chillin' here, I took a quick glance at the screen and I see Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams) and Angie Baxter (Debbi Morgan). I'm saying to myself... hold up, I saw Jesse get shot and killed in '88.

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Keep in mind when I was younger I didn't see too many Black folks on the Soaps. So back then, I always enjoyed seeing characters of color on the screen. I think I followed the saga of Jesse and Angie for at least 7 years. Everything from them getting married on a few occasions to Jesse's confrontations with his half brother to his dealings with Yvonne Caldwell to Angie's father Les and the black market baby scame where he ends up falling to his death down some stairs after he and Jesse struggle to Angie becoming a nurse and Jesse a cop, I watched it all. Thanks Ma. Those days of my mom working at Howard U, sitting in her office in the CB Powell building, listening to the TV shows on radio or having the small B&W TV had me addicted. It made no sense for me to be watching Soaps as much as I did back then. I still remember Debbie Morgan being in the Cameo video Attack Me With Your Love in '85.

Anyway, I had to jump online to see what the deal is for 2008. Evidently, the writers decided to resurrect Jesse Hubbard from the dead. Apparently he came out of hiding cuz Frankie (their son) had some sort of life threatening illness. It's all on the Wikipedia page, so I won't post it all in here. But still, that's crazy. I've looked at a few articles and checked out the AMC website and the whole thing is still wild to me. I mean, I remember women literally crying out loud when Jesse got killed. I wonder how many of them are at the grocery store counter buying daytime soap magazines again. I mean on the real, I know a couple of my boyz who used to be all in the Soaps too. From AMC to One Life To Live to General Hospital. I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one watching them.

I did a quick YouTube search and came up with this clip from the episode when they reunited.

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Anyway, I know somebody who reads my blog used to be a AMC fan. Futhermore, I know that at least one person out there used to watch the saga of Jesse and Angie like I did back in the days. Go ahead and reveal yourself. I need to feel like someone out there understands me today. Someone else who's sitting there saying "Jesse is alive???" too.



Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Promise and Hope

Those were the first words that popped in my head when I saw this. The powerful photograph above was taken at rally for Barack Obama in NC. It is part of a collection of photos from Time Magazine entitled Behind the Scenes with Obama - TIME photographer Callie Shell trails the candidate through the final hours of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Do yourself a favor and just take a glance through some of the images.

I don't talk much about politics, but best believe that I'm a Barack Obama supporter. In looking at the photo above, I was reminded of photos that I took while attending the Million Man March on Oct. 16, 1995. The photos from that day showed unity and promise as do many images taken from across the country where Barack Obama has spoken. Yes, it appears that a few of the persons in the pic are not old enough to vote. So what? More often than not, the images that we see of our Black youth are of violence, something associated with celebs and entertainment or where someone is holding a ball in their hands on a field or court. Look in their eyes. Something about that pic just says promise and hope.

We talk so much about younger generations lost with all the nonsense out here. However, I'm sure that there are just as many youth out here doing positive things and educating themselves on the goings on of our country. If you haven't done so already, please make sure you use your God given right to vote.


G. Mo

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friendly Game of Freeze Tag

I stopped playing Red Light, Green Light and Hide & Go Get Seek a long long long time ago, but through the wonders of the blog world I've been tagged by The Angel of Spelman to take part in this ongoing game of freeze tag.

The rules are as follows:

-Link the person who tagged you.
-Mention the rules in your blog.
-Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
-Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
-Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

Time to unfreeze myself. Forgive me, I kinda get long winded. I'll be sure to thaw all the ice off me from the freeze... that's for sure.

Quirk #1 - When I shop for produce, I smell everything. It doesn't matter whether fruit or vegetable, I'll test for softness/hardness and then take a sniff. Expanding on this I do one thing that makes no sense at all. When grabbing a bunch of bananas, I ALWAYS take one banana off the bunch. I ALWAYS do this. Seriously, if I grab a batch of 6, it'll be 5 before I throw it in the bag. I never take off more than one and I never buy a batch with the number of bananas that it had when I picked it up. I honestly don't know why I do this, but it drives my wife crazy. We'll be in the store and one of two things will happen. Either she'll see me rip off one banana from the bunch and then take that banana and try to slide it in the plastic bag without me seeing or she'll go and get the bananas herself. That slide in thing hardly ever works though cuz I tie the bag pretty tight.

Quirk #2 - I'm always pulling hairs from my face. It doesn't matter whether it from facial hair in my moustache or beard, stray hairs on my cheeks or on the side of my lips, under my chin or neck and sometimes even nose hairs which sometimes is mistaken for 'Pickin' Boogers'... lol. I'm always picking. This is usually done when driving in traffic, long staff meetings or sitting in bed watching TV. It's comforting to me. I don't like hair everywhere. If it's too long, I'm gonna pull it. No need for tweezers, I got this. My nails are non-existent but I get a good enough grip with the skin from my fingers to pull em.

Quirk #3 - Everything in the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets must be facing forward. I have to see the front of everything in the fridge whether it's juice, milk, ketchup, margarine, salad dressing, whatever. Same with the pantry and cabinets. I must see the name of each can of soup, beans, canned fruits & veggie, jar of peanut butter, etc Now with boxes of rice, cake mix, crackers, cold cereal, etc, they all must be facing the same direction with the ingredients facing towards me. Sometimes my wife with turn stuff backwards just to see how quickly I catch it. It's like a game to her.

Quirk #4 - I make loud noises. When I sigh people think I'm grumbling or grunting. When I yawn, you'd think I was a wild orangutan who had just been set free after 20 years in captivity. When I sneeze it scares people and airbags start popping out from no where. A friend once told me that I had the 'old down south church' sneeze. I don't know why I'm loud when I do this stuff. Most folks are used to it in the office and they just mock and make fun of me. Family members just give me the "oh not again" looks when I do it and keep it movin'.

Quirk #5 - I'm a pack rat. I keep stuff from way back when and it kinda borders on ridiculous. Off the top of my head I can tell you that I have a Harlem Globetrotters program from a game I attended when they played in DC at the Capital Centre in '79, a school paper written in 10th grade about being stuck and broke down on the NJ Turnpike with Ma and baby bro & baby sis in snowy weather, autographed fan club pictures from Vanessa Williams and Pebbles from '87.... hey they were hot back then, notebooks of diaries and all the poems I wrote as a kid, a VHS tape of the news report of when Channel 9 interviewed me while I was at the box office standing in line for Wizards tickets in '99, newspaper clippings and magazine covers from the 80's until now and TONS of sports memorabilia like ticket stubs, game day programs, key chains, rally towels, etc. I have no less than 10 storage bins full of stuff in the basement and probably about another 3-5 bins at the spot where my sister has her stuff.

Quirk #6 - I never forget names or faces. I see folks in the mall or out and about and I might not have seen them in 20 yrs. It could be from high school or Howard U. days, old jobs, time spent working at the radio station, cats I just ran b-ball with, someone my parents knew, my days promoting and touring, etc. But I'll still remember their names and in most cases, where I know them from. That's good and bad I suppose. It's sometimes fun to fun to friends and associates and reminisce. But then you have some folks you'd really rather forget about...

Now, I can't say for 100% certainty that all these folks listed below haven't been tagged with this one already, but I'll just tag them anyway cuz I know they check out my blog or least have at one time made a comment. So therefore, Tag... you're it. Remember, this is Freeze Tag. You can't unfreeze yourself until you answer the questions. So be cool with a brotha and play along.

Mr. Wyatt
Golden Lady