Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cell phone falls down the storm drain

Do you fish it out or just chalk it up as a loss and get another one? Well, I'm a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at heart and always up for excitement and challenges. So you know what I did.

It was about 1am when I arrived home from hanging out with some of my boys. I know, you're probably like... "You arrived home at 1am... that's when I leave the house". No need for old man jokes aiiiight. Anyway, I had just gotten out of my car and in trying to secure my Blackberry in my hands, it slipped. It didn't just hit the pavement however. It crashed down and fell directly into the storm drain. Yeah, that storm drain. I stood there for a minute replaying what had just occurred. I saw the slow motion version of me fumbling the phone like a bad RB exchange from the QB. I laughed and walked toward the house. I was going to leave it there and just get another one from the office on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday off. Yet, I said to myself "You can get it. It won't be that bad".

Thus, I went inside and grabbed my tools. After gathering 2 flashlights and 2 flat head screwdrivers I went to my destination... the manhole cover. Within a few seconds I had pried the cover off and that cover was on the ground. I grabbed the large flashlight and looked into the drain. Ewwww!!! Cobwebs and all kinda nastiness down there. I looked around to make sure that I didn't see any bats as well. However I did see most of my phone. The battery, the backing and the SIM card were all in view. I took a deep breath. Where was the phone itself? There was only one place it could've been. I climbed down into the drain and sure enough, the phone was in the drain pipe. After I grabbed 3 out of the 4 pieces of the phone, I climbed back out and went into the house. There I grabbed a thin stick that was on the side of the fridge. I was gonna need to use that stick to pull the phone up towards me.

Went back down into the storm drain. Stretched my body out like I was heading to the finish line of a 100m race at the Olympics and used the stick to get the phone within reach of my hands. It took probably about 45 seconds, but it seemed like an hour. I aint gonna front, I thought some kind of creature was gonna pop out and scare me half to death, bite me or something. I survived though, but I was dirty as a mug. Came back in and my wife was awake in the bedroom watching TV. I told her what had happened. She asked me whether I had dropped my LG Dare (personal cell) or the Blackberry (work cell) in the drain. I told her it was the Blackberry and she just laughed. I had to endure the Crackberry lecture and reasons as to why I needed my work Blackberry on the weekends. It's convenience folks... convenience. I can admit that I use it a lot. Hell, I'm not paying for it. Might as well use it. But I suppose I can cut back on the usage somewhat.

Once I finished talking and she stopped laughing, I took off the filthy clothes and stepped into the shower where I got fresh and clean once again. I think I might've used half the bar of soap, 5 full oz of body wash and 2 handfulls of shampoo just to rid myself of the ills of that dirty storm drain.

Moral of the story. I don't know that there is one. I know for sure that I'll make sure to secure all keys and phones the minute I step from my car next time though. I don't ever want to have to do that again.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shout-out to Julia's Empanadas

Julia's Empanadas

This is one of my favorite lunchtime spots in the DC area. No joke, I'm there at least one day each week. 1225 Connecticut Ave NW. I take that 30 minute round trip walk from my office regularly. There aren't too many places in downtown DC where you can eat for under $10 and healthy at that. For about $6.50 you can cop the special of an empanada, a soup and a salad.

Now, if you're not sure what an empanada is, defines it as: A Spanish or Latin-American turnover with a flaky crust and a spicy or sweet filling. My typical trip to Julia's is to get a Jamaican style empanada (ground & chopped beef, onion, potato, curry, spices), a black bean soup and tomato, cucumber & celery salad.

Lately I've been adding another $2 to that special and getting one of the dessert empanadas. They have varieties like strawberry, pineapple coconut and apple. But my off the chains gotta have it knock em out the box favorite dessert empanada is the peach/guava. It is slamm-min!!!!

I discovered Julia's Empanadas back in like '96 when I was working for Everfresh Juice Company as a Account Manager. Every Wednesday I was up in the Adams Morgan area and served accounts on 18th street. 2452 18th street was their address. I know it like the back of my hand. I had never heard of an empanada before those days. I would roll up there, get my order from dude and roll out. That's pretty much how I treated all my accounts. Some of them would give me food, snacks, drinks, etc but the folks at Julia's never offered. I sometimes coerced accounts with special juice sales to try and get free food for myself as I was out there walking the streets. This one day was no exception. I hit em with a buy 10 cases, get 2 free deal. Immediately following that announcement I said to dude "Are these things really good?". He nodded his head and said "Which one do you want?". I tried the Jamaican style empanada and the rest is history.

From like 2000 to like 2006, I probably had maybe less than 10 empanadas from Julia's. Not because I didn't want them, but working out in VA I was far from all of their locations. Now that I've been working back in DC, I can get to each one of their 3 locations with little to no effort. Thus, I'm back in effect and saying wassup to my man Raymond each week. So, if you're in the downtown DC area or around Adams Morgan, check them out. Trust me, the food is like dat!!!! My stomach is good and full from my lunch run today. If you ever pop in the one on Connecticut Ave during lunchtime, just tell them that the Juiceman sent ya. They'll know who you're talking about.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is CNN going Fox News on us??? this the first person they had to interview following Hillary's incredible speech??? Thank you Anne Price Mills. All emotional and crying and what not. Yes, she has a right to her opinion. But did she not hear Hillary's speech? Does she not see the positive movement behind Barack Obama? In my opinion she's just blind. I feel sorry for her.

*shakes head*

I have no more words.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ticket Hustlers Have Bad Days Too

In my side biz of running tickets, I always try to look out for folks that I know and their friends and family. Last month I did a favor for a friend on some tickets and in return he said he'd look out for me on some other connects that I could benefit from. Little did I know that that one lookout on my part would bring on some drama this morning. But I think I handled it quite well based on the circumstances.

*8:14am - cell phone rings*

Me: Yo
Dude: Hello
Me: Yeah
Dude: Who is this?
Me: What... who is this!!!?

*dude hangs up*

*5 minutes later cell phone rings again... same number on caller id*

Me: Yo

*hears woman's voice in background asking dude to chill*

Dude: Why my girl callin' you playa?
Me: What? Your girl?
Dude: Your number is on her celly a lot the past month
Me: Aiiiight.
Dude: So why you callin' her? Why is she callin' you?
Me: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan... go head with that man
Dude: N***a you don't know me. You bout to catch a bad one.
Me: Aiiiiight bruh. You finished?

*she continues to tell him to stop acting stupid... he starts going off on her*

Dude: Why you callin' this n***a!!!??? Why this n***a callin' you!!!!???
Her: He's the ticket guy. Your birthday is coming up and I got Redskins tickets for the game against the Saints. It was going to be a surprise, but you actin'....
Dude: Huh?
Her: I said, he's the ticket guy. Your brother gave me his number. That's where I got the Jill Scott tickets from last month. Here's his flyer for football tickets.
Dude: Oh

*comes back to phone*

Dude: Ummmm... my bad man. I ummmm. Sorry man.
Me: Happy Birthday


Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I got my text msg...

Albeit at 3:09am Saturday morning when I was dead sleep... but I got it nonetheless.

November 4 is your day to be heard. Don't forget to vote.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Friday, August 22, 2008

Slurpees, Slush Puppies & Icees

I grew up sippin' on all of those and loved every minute of them. From the blue raspberry Slush Puppie at High's to the cherry Slurpee from 7-Eleven to the Icees at the AMC movies where I'd ask for a mix of blue raspberry and cherry, I used to kill these things on the regular. Slurpees were always easy to find cuz there are a ton of 7-Eleven stores everywhere. But I had a hard time finding the other two with ease. Once High's disappeared from the corners in my neighborhood and surrounding areas in DC around '88, there were no more Slush Puppies to get. I missed going in there and making my own drinks using the old school pump. Most of the High's vanished, turned into 7-Eleven's or some off brand wack convenience store with a ridiculous name. The only time I'd get an Icee is when I went to the movies. I don't think I've ever consumed a soda at a movie in my life. It's always been Icee or nothin'.

I'm tellin' you, before the past year it had to have been close to 10 years since I sipped on any of those three slushy drinks. I used to drink Slurpees so much, I got tired of them. Plus, a lot of 7-Elevens closed down too. For some reason over the past 6 mos, I've been indulging in these slushy drinks with regularity. It's like I've discovered them again. It's crazy. I think it had something to do with me visiting the Kwik-E-Mart last summer. I don't know if that's if entirely though. Just recently I started to notice Slush Puppie machines at Exxon Tiger Mart's. Those things are only like a buck twenty five, so I've jumped all over them. I've attempted to expand the range of flavors, but nothing is better than an ice cold blue raspberry joint.

As far as Icees go. The only place I know where to get them is Walgreens. When I went to Vegas in June, I would take a walk down the strip and get one almost every day. We don't have too many of them in the DC area... to my knowledge. However there is one right here near my job in downtown DC. Do I take the 3 block walk to Walgreens? Yessir!!!! At only a dollar a pop, I've been killing them here too. Best believe I step to the machine with a large cup. I layer the cherry, then the blue raspberry, then the cherry, then the blue raspberry. I do this until it's full to the brim and even sometimes overflowing that plastic dome thing that covers it.

Scratch that, I'm trippin'. Walgreens isn't the only place. I somehow forgot about all the Icees I've had at Burger King in the past year or so. But since I've been doing my best to stay away from fast food and burgers, I don't hit BK too often. But I have had my share of Icees from there over the years as well. In fact, that's probably what kept my desires up for them. It's all about the flavor though and a lot of BK's only have grape, lemonade and other flavors I don't care for. It's cherry-raspberry mix and maybe cherry solo. Nothing else.

Now, I know these things are like glorified Sno-Cone syrup drinks full of ice. But I can't stop drinking them. I don't know why? They're so good to me now, especially on hot summer days. That's all. I aint have much to talk about on a Friday and as I envisioned myself sipping on one at lunchtime, I figured I'd tell the world about my recent obsession with a pleasurable thing of the past.

I know I'm not the only one. Speak. Let yourself be heard. What say you on the subject of frosty, slushy drinks?

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go. Contrary to the opinion of others who claim that Coca Cola Slurpees are on point. I digress... they're nasty. Fanta wild cherry or die!!!

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Friday, August 15, 2008

This one is for Grandma

When I used to enjoy summer days in New York as a youngster, I would spend a lot of time at grandma's house. There she'd sit and watch Mets baseball games in between cooking and baking sweets and that's how I ended up being a fan of the Mets. She never once cheered for the Yankees. I can't tell you why, but she still doesn't seem to like them til this day. Many days spent with Grandma eating freshly baked sugar, oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk and rooting for the Mets. Those were the days!!!

Grandma has been ill recently and thus I made the trek from DC to NY for a few days. It's never easy traveling with the mindframe that someone you love is suffering ya know? However I've got a strong faith in God that his angels are looking over her during this time. I can't say that I've always been as positive spiritually as I am now. However I know that in witnessing the faith that both Grandma and Ma have had over the years, that I'm blessed to have their influence in my life. No matter what the circumstances, they always seem to remain positive and smile.

As I walked into the hospital, I felt sort of odd. I knew that Grandma had been in ICU and the latest information received from Ma wasn't the most uplifting. I arrived on the 3rd floor and headed to the area when she was being treated. In locating bed #4 and the moment I saw her I heart started aching. That's my Grandma maaaan! She's not supposed to be hooked up on all that stuff. I took a deep breath and walked over. I placed my hand gently on her hand that was full of tubes and contraptions and I began to talk. I talked to her about everything I could for about 10 minutes and then I sat down. I felt a certain spirit come over me, a calm feeling. I knew she was going to be fine. I sat there and smiled for about 20 minutes reflecting upon moments spent with Grandma as a kid. Special moments that I'll never forget.

Over the next 48 hours her condition improved greatly. She was coherent and able to talk, albeit in some pain. But she was back most definitely. Especially when she fussed out the nurse when she thought they had given her pork to eat. That was kinda funny. You know how your grandparents be getting on folks right? We shared some laughs and memories as we sat in the hospital those days. I spent a number of hours at the hospital with Ma before coming back to DC. I hit the Jersey Turnpike and made the 4 hr trip. I wouldn't have come back if I felt that things weren't improving.

The night after I came back I had tickets to the see the Mets play the Nats here. There was a lot of irony in that moment as I sat there and watched the game. I knew that the Mets were going to whip the Nats and they did... 12 zip. As I left the stadium, I just smiled as I looked up in the sky. That moment right there was for grandma.

Always let close family and friends know how much you love them. Tomorrow is not promised.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest In Peace - Isaac Hayes

More sad news this Sunday afternoon. The past 24 hours have been rough I tell ya.

WMC-TV in Memphis - Isaac Hayes dies

CNN - Soul legend Isaac Hayes dies

Here are some classics from Black Moses


Walk On By

Cafe Reggio

I Stand Accused

One Woman

The Look Of Love

Scene from I'm Gonna Git You Sucka with Chris Rock

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rest In Peace - Bernie Mac

Classic GIF of the Mac Man from the movie Head of State

Sad news this Saturday morning.

Chicago Sun Times - Comedian, South Sider Bernie Mac dies at 50

CNN - Comic actor Bernie Mac dies

So in tribute to one of the funniest comedians I've ever seen in person, here's a number of his stand ups and clips from various movies and TV shows.

First appearance Def Comedy Jam... CLASSIC!!!

Second appearance on Def Comedy Jam

Kings of Comedy - My Sister's Kids

House Party 3



Bernie Mac Show


Head of State

Bad Santa

Don't Be A Menace

How To Be A Player

PBS Interview with Tavis Smiley

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Friday, August 08, 2008

Uncle G. Mo & The Girlz

This one has been a long time coming. Although I haven't mentioned my nieces a lot over the past number of months, don't think that I haven't spent time with them aiiiight. I've been there since the day the oldest was born and I will continue to be there every step of the way. I love those little young ladies dearly. I've got hundreds of pictures of them from this year alone, maybe a thousand. I did my best to capture as much as I could and I'll always take pics to preserve those memories. Of course I couldn't or should I was wouldn't post all of them here, but I did make a gallery of some of my favorites thus far in 2008. I made up 2 galleries. One with flash and one without. Some of my family members who have old computers don't like when I do stuff in flash, thus I end up doing more work in the end trying to email pics to them... LOL.

My little darlings are now 7, 6 & 5 now and I'm simply amazed at their growth. A handful of you who actually started reading my blogs on other sites before I began a blog on my own, are fully aware of how I've chronicled their growth over the years. Best believe that even though they're aging that I'm still there for birthdays, holidays, school programs or even just to drop by and see them when in the area. Now that being married has provided an auntie for them to enjoy time with also, it has become more fun for all of us.

Without further ado, here's the latest photo gallery featuring moments with my nieces. The non Flash one has titles and descriptions of events, whereas the Flash one does not.

Uncle G. Mo & The Girlz - non Flash

Uncle G. Mo & The Girlz II - Flash

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Celtics schedule released

Tuesday October 28, 2008

Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers
TD Banknorth Garden

Ha ha... an opening season game against Lebron James and the Cavs. Beautiful. What more could I ask for? I mean, I did take the trip to Boston for last years home opener vs the Wizards. And I was present for Game 2 of the NBA Finals as well. After it was all said in done on June 17, 2008 my squad took home the NBA championship right? I got that good karma going. I feel the need to be back in the house for the opener this season. The question is, with the game on a Tuesday night, will I make it to the home opener this year??? Stay tuned.

Celtics 2008-2009 schedule

NBA National TV Schedule

That's it. That's all I gotta say.

Peace & Love..

G. Mo

Monday, August 04, 2008

Jill Scott, Chuck Brown & The Roots

Another weekend... another show. It's been a fun summer no doubt. Yeah, this makes our second time seeing Jill this year. Well worth it on each occasion. Well kinda. After I hustle a supply of tix for each show off StubHub or by word of mouth, we're pretty much going for free... but that's not the point. Here's a few vid snippets I took from their performance this past Saturday at Merriweather Post.

Chuck & Jill


The Roots


Peace & Love

G. Mo