Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's Set The Record Straight

G. Mo aint no bandwagon Cowboys fan!!!

I reached in the crates for my yearbook from '85 when I was in the 8th grade. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice that I'm rockin' a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt while in class. That's right, a DALLAS COWBOYS t-shirt. Now, there are those who will speculate that that shirt was worn for one reason or another and that is had nothing to do with me being a fan. That would not be a correct assessment however.

Let me explain the origin of me becoming a Cowboys fan. When playing football in kindergarten and scoring TD's, I'd always do the Butch Johnson dance.

Only old school cats know about the gunslinger dance he used to do when he scored TD's. According to a number of sources on the internet, Johnson's touchdown celebration was know as the "California Quake". He would simulate pulling guns out of holsters and proceed to shoot them and shake. Let me tell you, I used to do it and do it daily. That's how often I got into the endzone from receptions or interceptions returned to TD's. I was a baller back then. But also, I just always liked the Cowboys from when I was young. I hated burgundy & gold colors. Thus, I hated the Redskins. I never understood why anyone wanted to wear an ugly indian on their clothes. Then when we played Cowboys and Indians in school, who wanted a bow and arrow? Give me the gun!!!

I liked a rack of Cowboys players aside from Butch Johnson. Some of the guys I remember 'being' when I played with my friends were Tony Hill, Drew Pearson, Ron Springs, Everson Walls, Danny White Robert Newhouse, Michael Downs, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Randy White, Dexter Clinkscales, Doug Cosbie, Rafael Septien, & Tony Dorsett.

So I'm True Blue baby!! If anyone ever questions me again, I'm sending them a link to this entry. And to Butch Johnson wherever you are out there... thanks man. You are the reason that I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan today.

Oh yeah, if you look back at the pic you'll notice that I'm sitting kinda funny with one leg extended and the other leg bent and cuffed under me. I still do that today as well. LOL.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo


Yessir!!! My squad pulled it out. I told those Redskins jokers that redemption was coming after that debacle in Dallas. I'll be back later with a recap and more pics. I just needed to send a quick message to all those who've been blowing up my phone with calls and text msg and my email. I had a rack of those clowns hit me when the Redskins were up 7-0. Ask me have I heard from anymore of them since the game was over. You already know that answer. It's a beautiful, quiet day in DC. You have a great one as I will. DC stands for Dallas Cowboys baby!!!

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Friday, November 14, 2008

G.Mo's Ghetto Grilled Cheese

State of the US economy got you down? Finding it difficult to enjoy the pleasures of life as you previously had? Need an quick pick me up meal on those days when you have less than $20 in your pocket? No problem. I bring you...

G. Mo's Ghetto Grilled Cheese

Wonder Bread $2
Blue Bonnet Margarine $2
Kraft Cheese Singles $3
Iron $10

- Heat iron to medium high or Wool setting. Make sure Steam setting if off.
- Butter bread evenly to the edges on both the inside & outside layers.
- Place a cheese single (or two) in between slices of bread & place on cutting board
- (Optional) Cover bread with aluminum foil or brown paper lunch bag.
- Hold iron in place. Move around slightly to get to the edges as if you were ironing.
- Flip over & repeat above sequence until cheese is melted & bread is golden brown in color.
- Enjoy eating your freshly iron toasted grilled cheese sammich.

Disclaimer: This post was purely for entertainment purposes. I have not made a sammich like this in over 20 years and only did so after watching an episode of Good Times. Feel free to substitute with your favorite type of bread, butter or low cholesterol choice of spread or a thick slice off that block of good Gubment cheese.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Verdict On My Knee Is...

Chondromalacia... which is basically the softening and degeneration of the tissue (cartilage) underneath the kneecap (patella). That's what's been causing my knee pain the past number of weeks. Trust that my kneecap has been shifting and causing me great amounts of pain. Hell, I can reach down now and move it around. It aint suppose to do that.

Feel free to read more about the condition at these links

Chondromalacia patella -

Medical Encyclopedia - Chondromalacia of the patella

I've known for a few weeks now and have been rehabbing in therapy 3 times a week for about 2 hours each session. But if the 6 weeks of rehab doesn't help the condition, arthroscopic surgery will be necessary to repair the damage. I don't really want that. My ortho doc is good and all, but... naw, I've had enough surgeries in my lifetime to this point. In fact, I have the same condition in both knees. It's sort of an arthritic condition. I'm rehabbing the right knee and trying to prevent the left knee from becoming worse. Don't ask me how that occurred, cuz I can't tell ya. I get pains in the right knee daily, whereas the left knee only gives me pain a few times a year. But both the doc and the physical therapists tell me that it's the same. MRI didn't show anything torn, just minor deterioration.

PT is cool. The folks there are real chill and they're very helpful in assisting me in regiments of exercise. Some of the stuff they've got me doing seems really weird, but I know that it's done to help me strengthen my legs. The tell me that I've got tight hamstrings and that might've aided in my knees compensating for my legs not stretching all the way out. So you know they be havin' a brotha all stretched out now right? But after the exercises they always hook me up with the electrical stimulation and the ice. Now that feels good!!! I need one of those machines at home.My spirits are good though. The pain has subsided greatly since the therapy sessions began. Main thing is that I need to stay off the stairs. I have a habit of bypassing the elevators in the office and taking the stairs a lot. I've got to curtail that somewhat. Here I was thinking I was doing well but not being lazy and catching the elevators all the time. Anyway, hopefully things will continue to look up and I won't need to go under 'the knife'. Wish me luck...

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Friday, November 07, 2008

Mementos For The Occasion

They didn't come easy though. Bruh man was out here grindin' fa real. I did a good amount of standing in lines, driving at various locations and all that. But it was well worth it. I got a 'few' Washington Post Special Editions, 2 copies each of the NY Times, The Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today, a single copy of Time Magazine and a few other magazines with Barack Obama on the cover that will go in the treasure chest. This is history and I needed a piece or pieces as you may see. A lot of those are going to family and friends who weren't as lucky to get them however.

Hell, I've got a ton of sports memorabilia dating back to '78. I'm talkin' autographs for days, magazines with Bird and Magic on them, the issue of SI when Len Bias died, an Inside Sports with Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns, a SI when the UMD Terps won the NCAA title and a rack of other stuff I'd have to do an inventory of. There's even a few Ebony, Jet or Source magazines scattered in there for artists who passed or special events. Those were the only things worth having in the archives until now for the most part. But now, we got Barack Obama coming to the White House. That's something you want to have newspapers and magazines for to look at later on in life. Now, I've just got to buy a vacuum sealer, so I can preserve them all.

EDIT: 10:33PM Friday night... while doing some grocery shopping at my local Safeway , I heard some folks in the next aisle talking about how shocked they were that they had found them... when I walked over to the aisle, I discovered that 'them' pertained to special issues of People, Newsweek and Time... so I figured "what the hell" and bought some more...

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is a beautiful moment. I can't front, I've got tears in my eyes. This is so amazing. I never imagined the possibility of this day. God Bless America.

Time to celebrate!!!

Peace & Love...

G. Mo


Got up at 4:45am. Was in line with the wife by 5:30am when it was pitch black outside the municipal center. We were like 30th in line or so. By the time 6am rolled around there had to have been close to 200 people. By 6:45, I'd say the number was closer to 500. When the doors opened at 7am, we were in and out in 15 minutes. I feel good about this day. It's time for a change and I believe we're going to get change with Barack Obama.

Make sure you get out there and vote today folks. It is very important.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo