A dress code… to go bowling???

This is exactly what the rules are at the bowling alley located in downtown DC at Gallery Place – Chinatown. Have these jokers at Unlucky Strike have lost their mind!!!! I wish I would take the time to get all dressed up like I was heading to a black tie event. Spend countless hours making sure that my suit and tie were sharp and my patent leather shoes were spotless to go to that awards banquet… oooops, I meant the uppity bowling joint. Who are they fooling? I could pick apart each line of this dress code one by one, but there’s no need to do that. It’s obvious what they’re trying to do. They’re attempting to filter out ‘certain’ types of people. Someone should tell them that ignorance is not a color thing. The true thugs and thieves dress the part of the businessman with a full tailored suit with monogrammed cuff links, leather briefcase, a chauffeured limo and maid at home. I could blog all day on that one, but that’s another day. But can you say Capitol Hill?

Anyway, the crazy part is that this place is next door to the Verizon Center where the Wizards play basketball. You’re basically telling me that I can’t go to a game dressed in sports apparel and then go bowling afterwards at their posh establishment??? They’re crazy as hell!!! I’m not going to bowl in a tuxedo. In fact, I’m not gonna bowl at their facilities at all. None of them. I’m going to my spot around the way where the smoke fills the air. The chill joint where folks like me are accepted at the front door wearing comfortable attire to enjoy recreational activities in. A laid back atmosphere where cats order a pitcher of beer, a burger and some fries and talk trash. No need for fillet mignon, asparagus and basmati rice to enhance my bowling experience, thanks.

I’ve been told that on a Friday or Saturday night you can reserve a lane for $75 an hour for your group. In case you don’t wish to do that you can show up, put your name on the list and pay $7.95 per person, per game, plus $3.95 for shoes. Huh? Say What? That’s ridiculous. I know that the bowling facility does look like a 70’s nightclub with all those neon lights and all. But if I’m going to spend $75 to get dressed up, to go to a venue with entertainment and neon lights, I expect to see Parliament Funkadelic with George Clinton and Bootsy Collins onstage.

Some folks might argue that by me even discussing this, that I’m giving them publicity. Yeah, but it sure as hell isn’t good publicity. I can understand a dress code, but what they have is a color code.

I came upon a decent article in the Washington Post addressing the dress code at Unlucky Strike… here it is
A Dress Code That Suffers From Shoddy Tailoring

11 thoughts on “A dress code… to go bowling???”

  1. Here’s one: “No excessively long and ridiculous Dress Code list for a Bowling Alley”. Bowling is supposed to be fun, not a lesson in censorship.

    Speaking of bowling, I haven’t been in a long time. I think I’ll my daughter and my nieces this weekend. Have a good one, GMo

  2. I think Ha.rlem La.nes may have Luc.ky Lanes beat. Take the time to check out their rates..and their menu. Vegetable spring rolls with soy ginger sauce, Fried calamari, plaitain cups w/black beans and sour cream and guac…
    They had a dresscode when they first opened…I don’t see it posted now tho…

    Uppity Harlem kneegrows …lol I can be seen there often…LMAO

  3. In the words of my nephew…”what tha hooley?” I wish I would go through all that drama to go bowling, something I suck at anyway. When I bowl, it’s for shits and giggles and to drink, not to be the next top damn model!

  4. Never been to this bowling alley before…actually never heard of it. But I won’t be going if there’s a dress code! I don’t like to dress up.

  5. I remember when they first opened up. Me and my crew decide to check it out…we love bowling and a lane in the city provides more opportunity to do something a little different. We arrive, in traditional bowling gear (jeans, T’s, sneakers)…Ha! Boy were we in for a surprise. I think we debated with the skinny azz “bouncer dude” for about 10 minutes trying to understand why in the hell we gotta be dressed up to throw a dayum ball down a lane. And why you need a bouncer/greeter/whatevahdahell he was…at a flippin bowling alley is beyond me. Uhhhhhh No!!! That’s ok, I’m good. And I won’t even touch on the prices…because clearly we see eye to eye there as well. We carried our narrow behinds right out to Laurel Lanes that night and had us a good ole’ time for about $15 each…HOLLA!!! LOL!!

  6. They do that @ Jillians here in Boston. I think because they cater to the upscale crowd. LIke they have dimmed lights and a rooftop patio up there. ANd its directly across from where the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX play so you would think..they dont need to be scared of the negros..they need to be scared of drunken white ppl..they are the worst.

  7. you aint never lied!!!! my cousin came up from Alabama last weekend and i wanted to show him a good itme..he had on khakis and a button up shirt..they STILL didn’t let him in!!! talking about his shirt was too big….it was a normal damn shirt!!!!!!

    So…we rolled out…

    and bowling in a tuxedo was RIGHT…bowling is about leisure if not for sport… *roll eyes* they HAVE lost their minds

  8. Just checkin your site out… and I MUST agree with you and comment late:) with my 2 cents…

    The ish is just pure nonsense… I went with a friend of mine who wore timbs on one of the coldest, snowiest winter nights late last year. of course the bouncer dude was all indignant about the “strict dress code”. I asked him if he realized that its in the middle of fukin winter and the name of the joint says lucky strike! Anyway, reading this post justifies that i definitley won’t be going back.

  9. We have one here in Philly. Same thing. It’s bowling. Get real. People are wearing shoes that other people have already worn and sticking their fingers in balls that have God knows what germs floating around in them and we are concerned about the dress code? GET REAL.

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