14 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. CONGRAT NAH!! the wedding looks like it was beautiful and the bride looks amazing!!! and of course, the neices are adorable as always. have fun on the honeymoon and enjoy married life!

  2. AAAAAHH Congrats G!!!!!

    The wedding was gorgeous! And everyone looked beautiful (esp. your nieces, fam pic, and of course the bride!).

    I know you did NOT have tears in your eyes!! *dabs the corners of mine*

    And ROTFL! @ Cowboy garter!! HAHA!

    I wish you both many blessed and joyous years together!

    LOVE the last pic/post pic!!

  3. Congratulations to you and Mrs. G.Mo. You looked dapper and she was a radiant, beautiful bride.

    The entire family was gorgeous, especially the nieces.

    The love is evident and I hope you both remember: Put God first and everything else will fall into place.

    Congrats and many happy years together. (Love the Cowboys garter!)

  4. Oh My gosh!!! Congratulations!! I was soooo wondering when you were going to get married. Lol. Everytime I saw a post where you talked about your fiancee, I was like “if he don’t marry that girl already!” CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. *wavin* Hi Nah…congrats to you and that beautiful young lady! You guys look like love, so inspiring. The wedding looks like it was abosolutely perfect…and your nieces…aren’t they precious! May you stay blessed…

    gdstuff from ebl

  6. Congratulations Nah!

    I’m very happy for you and your new family.

    You two depict the true definition of happiness and you two represent what Black Love is supposed to look and feel like.

    I pray that God blesses the two of you with eternal happiness and prosperity.

    Bring on the children!

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