Agent Zero looked out for a brotha

For those of y’all who have no clue as to who Agent Zero is, that would be the Wizards’ All Star guard Gilbert Arenas. Gil has brought a lot of life and excitement to the Wizards and to pro basketball in DC. Most know that I’m a die hard Celtics fan, but I’m a long time Bullets fan as well. Being born and raised in the DC area, I used to attend tons of games when my pops worked at Capital Centre. The whole Celtics thing came along when I visited my grandparents in Boston during winter breaks from school and went to the Boston Garden. I sort’ve fell in love with Celtics guard Nate “Tiny” Archibald and his playing style. Thus the Celtics became my 1a and the Bullets became my 1b. I’m a fan of both teams.

Anyway, the Bullets became the Wizards (still hate that name… thanks Abe) in ’97 and since that time I’ve attended at least a hundred games. I’ve watched a lot of players over the years play here in DC, but none really have had the flair of Gilbert Arenas. If you’ve never had the occasion to watch him play, you’re missing out. The kid is incredible. More often than not the past 2+ years, my fiancé attends the games with me and is a fan of the home team and Agent Zero. Anyway, a few weeks ago an opportunity presented itself that rarely happens in life. Now, I cannot go into specific details of what occurred because I have been sworn to never reveal that information. However, I was able to get an Arenas Wizards jersey signed and personalized by Gilbert for my fiancé and also a signed Adidas Gil Zero shoe in her size. I know she’s gonna read this and probably ask me again how I got it, but now I’m on record officially stating that I’ll never tell… okay sweetie? To folks who may have even the slightest clue or my partners who I’ve talked to, who really know the story about how I got this, don’t make any comments on here aiiiight? Thanks.

pics of personalization altered to protect the privacy of the woman in my life…. 🙂

I’m canvassing memorabilia shops now to find a frame for the jersey and a special Plexiglas type box for the sneaker. It’s not often that you get an opportunity to meet your favorite celeb or athlete. Although I was unable to arrange that one, I was able to get something that I knew she’d enjoy receiving. I’m working on the other aspects though. I got a few folks in high places who still owe me favors, so we’ll see how that shakes out. Say Gil, if you’re reading this and can hook a brotha up for some courtside seats for the Wizards-Celtics game on Jan 12 at Verizon Center, I’d greatly appreciate it. If not, I’ll find a way somehow to get em. I can’t really offer you nothing cuz you got everything you need. But they’ll be a beautiful young lady sitting courtside cheering and clapping for every single play you make during the game.

Just wondering if anyone else has been lucky enough to have received something personalized from their favorite celeb, athlete, congressman, or whoever.


G. Mo

7 thoughts on “Agent Zero looked out for a brotha”

  1. that is FABULOUS!!!!

    a friend had given me an autographed joe namath jersey.. superbowl 3.. I haven’t worn it. I took a photo in it when he gave it to me for him and I too need to get that framed.

    she is such a lucky woman!

  2. WOW! That was really special cause most men woulda kept that for themselves LOL!! Your sweetie is a lucky girl…better then lucky, she’s definitely blessed!

    I have an autographed t-shirt from Jerry Rice. He was my introduction to the NFL (second to my father of course) and I worshipped the ground he walked on. I use to write Roycee and Jerry on everything and even carved our names in a heart in the tree in front of my house LOL!! I have no idea where the shirt is now though LOL!!

  3. You’re an awesome partner!

    One of my best male friends is cousins with an ex-Laker and an ex-Raider…I’d go to the games and parties with him…so I have a few pictures and Jerseys. They are in storage at my dads spot in Cal. I told him they are his if he wants them but he’s not into sports… oh well. T. Barber signed a football for me… I found out a husband of a friend of mine was a huge Giants fan…so I gave her the football to give him for Christmas… I suppose I could sell my stuff but I’d rather give them to ppl I care about.

  4. awww.. arent u a good fiance 🙂

    that’s what’s up.. say, if u ever happen to come across a deal like that for some AI stuff, keep me in mind, ok 😉

  5. The best I could do is a meet and greet with Raheem DeVaughn that my best friend set up for my birthday last year. He autographed a picture and three CD’s for me.

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