Another Bad Creation

Yeah… I’m fresh from the lab with another website completed. That website would be the one for The Superville Band. I’ve been workin’ like crazy on this joint and it’s occupied the majority of my time recently. My man Khari has talked for years about coming up with a concept for his film company and we were finally able to put some ideas together. He’s a writer/director and is destined to get paid when the right company decides to put some real money into one of his projects. Now with him being in LA it was a little more difficult cuz our communication is via email and telephone. Normally, I sit down with folks and go over some ideas for their site and let them see some of my work. While my man speaks film language, I speak HTML language and at times it got kinda tedious tryna understand one another.

I initially sat down about 2 weeks ago and started with the basic design, then I got kinda lazy and started doing other things. But over the past week, I’ve really spent a lot of time designing this thing. Since there hasn’t been much going on at work I’ve had more time to create and play with some things. I think over the past 2 days, me and that dude have sent over 250 emails back and forth. My concept of the perfect site isn’t necessarily his concept and since in this case he’s my client, I listen to what he asks for. Now of course, I aint charging my man for this. We go back to 7th grade and he’s had this dream since we were kids. There were those days of riding DC’s Metro buses and trains together, when we talked about what we were gonna do when we grew up. It’s good to still have true friends that you can count on and my man Khari is one of those cats. So although I put a lot of work into this site, I look at this more as an investment. He’s destined to be a millionaire and I’mma need some extra cash in a few years I’m sure.

So right now he’s tryna raise some cash for the new flick he’s working on in February and hopefully this site will provide a little bit of insight into the talents that this brotha has… as well as the cat who created the site. *wink* I do it all folks… tickets for sporting events and concerts, web design, bootleg CD’s & DVD’s and various other hook-ups from round the way… they don’t call me the Hustler of Ghetto Candy for nothin’.

So take a moment of your free time this holiday season and check out my newest creation…..Khari Wyatt’s Superville Band

One thought on “Another Bad Creation”

  1. See you been busy (as always), nice site.
    The brotha is talented and…ur uh…handsome :o)
    I wish him much success. His work is deep.


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