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From: *********@ *******.net
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 2:50 PM
Subject: Elmo

Yo this is ***** aka ****** **** ******** from blog world tryin to holla at you about those Tickle Me Elmos. When I read your blog a few months ago you mentioned that you had a lot of them. Then the other day you said that you were getting more. Do you really have them? I find it hard to believe that you have as many as you claim to have. I can’t find them at any stores in my city and their no where to be found when I shop online. You always post photos on your blog and I was wondering if you really had them why didn’t you show your own pic for proof instead of the one you used from the toy website. If you don’t mind returning this email and sending a pic with the Elmo and the newspaper in your city showing the current date, I may be willing to buy two of them from you through PayPal. If you got some Nintendo Wii consoles, I need one of those too. Let me know mayne.

Thanks in advance

G. Mo’s video response:

**This video filmed purely for entertainment purposes**

I think I went above and beyond the necessary means to answer this challenge. Instead of sending just a picture, I decided to send a message… even if it was at 3am when I was a lil’ bit tired… lol. I get kinda crazy like that sometimes. I don’t really know why folks think I’m lying. This isn’t the only clown to email me and ask me if I actually had the Elmo TMX’s in my possession. I have no reason to lie. Yes, I work a regular job like most people, but staying on the grind is what I thrive on. I’m a hustler, this is what I do. While you sleep at 2am, I’m dreaming of ways to make more money or I might be meeting someone in the parking lot at the IHOP for an exchange of money for Redskins tickets. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. I guess I really need to finish the blog entry that I started a while back on my days of selling day old donuts and candy to kids at school. Then folks will really be able to get a clearer picture of how I got to the point I’m at now. The 9-5 pays the bills and then some. I just have a greater desire to enjoy life to the fullest. The hustle allows me to do that. Plus, with our wedding coming very soon… every dollar counts. You won’t be eating chicken fingers, french fries and drinking Hi-C Ecto Cooler at our reception…. lol.

Anyway… everybody have a wonderful weekend. It’s the holiday season, so spend some time with a family member, reminisce on old times or create special moments. If you can’t be with your loved one(s) for whatever reason, at least call and let them know how much you love and care about them. So many days are spent shopping for gifts and what not and we really miss the true meaning of Christmas.


G. Mo

12 thoughts on “Answering the challenge”

  1. U lucky u my homie cuz no straight man should be playing with an ELmo doll……This negro here…that was the funniest ish i seen ….had me dying @ just waiting for my co workers to come in here asking me what im laughing at….But im saying how bout some Celtic Tickets man!!!!!!HOlla @ me

  2. *lauging my azz off AT work*
    Man I am over this joint cracking up so hard my co-worker had to come over here and see what the HELL I was laughing at…this young little white dude starts cracking up with me…
    You a wild dude G.Mo…
    but seriously though, I asked you like 3 months ago for an Elmo so I needs to hook up with you or something cause I GOTS to get that for my nephew for Christmas…that little bama would GEEK OUT over that joint…
    Hell I just geeked out over it…

  3. u missed the newspaper part! lol.

    do u have some nintendo wii??? i need one of them home-skillet! lol
    for real.. let me know. thanks!

  4. I am laughing my lilly white ass off over here! NOW THAT’S FUNNY! And I thought “Blazing Saddles” was the bomb.

    I don’t know why but the whole G-Man demeanor, the funny little Elmo, the laugh, the whole thing go me rollin!

    I’m a Happy Camper now.

    And yes, everybody remember why it is Christmas comes ’round in the first place. You definitely called that right

    Good work G-Man.

  5. ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN DEAD.. HAHAHAAAA LITERALLY ROLLING!!! No wait.. my lil nephew just came in there.. *cant’ talk a lick just pointing.. go gets my mom and points to my computer* LMAO


    Ok Umm can you holla at me bout dem tickets doe.. 🙂 thanks man LOL

  6. Yeah that lil Elma was a trip. Why Elmo’s azz rollin all over the floor and sh*t like Kenan Waynans used to do when he portrayed Arsenal Hall on “Living Color” ha!!! (dayum I went back on that one, ha!) Shoot, I’d just end up gettin one of those for myself, or having to get 2 cuz my 2 year old and 4 year old would be fighing over one. *shakin head*

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