Back from Boston with a Celtics Victory

I can’t even lie… I’m dead tired. Flew back to DC this morning from going to Game Two last night in Boston and am sitting here in the office trying to focus. I’ll do a complete recap of my 24 hour journey to the NBA Finals shortly as I’ve done in previous game trips. However here’s a few pics/vids in the meantime. Yes, I did act a complete fool up in the place.

3 thoughts on “Back from Boston with a Celtics Victory”

  1. LMAO @ the video!!! yes I can’t wait for the full recap!!! and you definitely got to see one of the best games.. I’m sure it will be pivotal in the series.. they held them off bruh!

  2. Hey I left PSA about black folks on Leon’s blog too (that’s how I found yours!), there are black people there but you gotta look pretty hard to find them and most ain’t around the bars near the Garden!! The black culture here in Boston is different to say the least different to say the least!

    Oh yeah GO CELTICS!!


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