Back in Stride

Well kinda. I’m progressing in the recovery process, albeit somewhat slower than the pace that I anticipated for myself. I’m still limited in the range of movement in my neck and back, but steadily improving. I’m still sore as hell though. It’s been rough at times. I can’t do things I’m accustomed to doing. I’ve got parts of my body that ache a lot more than usual and I’m really resisting the urge to take the medications prescribed unless they’re absolutely necessary. I’ve been through stages of The doctors quickly started me in rehabilitation with chiropractic care and that has helped a lot in the early stages. Never having been twisted, turned and cracked before, it was quite strange and uncomfortable at first. The machines utilized are very soothing and relaxing though. However for at least the next 4 weeks, I will be in therapy under a treatment plan that should greatly assist me in the healing process and getting back to normal. I’ll be going in for session number seven on Monday morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to bend and tie my shoes without pain very soon.

A major part of this is mental. Each day I try not to get frustrated with the pain and the circumstances that caused this to occur. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything but taking my butt to work as I do everyday ya know. Then having to deal with calls from the reps of the insurance companies for the three drivers cited in the accident is annoying. Add the legal aspects and upcoming court dates and it even more irritating, but necessary evils I suppose.

My time at home has been full of boredom. I’ve never seen so many judge shows in my life. It’s crazy how many of them are TV. I can tolerate Judge Mathis and Divorce Court and Judge Judy, but the rest are trash. I probably spend more time sitting in my bed on the laptop than anything. Just a lot of net surfing and reading. My appetite has been less than normal. I don’t eat as much, but then again I’ve been sleeping a lot more.

My wife, entire family and good friends have been very supportive. I also appreciate the kind words and get well wishes expressed here and via email from fellow bloggers.

Until the next episode… continue to keep a brotha in your prayers


G. Mo

6 thoughts on “Back in Stride”

  1. Glad to hear you are on the path to recovery..
    *A lil Nurse advise tho, if you are in pain, it will hinder your healing, so take meds for it to keep you tolerable! It is ok!*
    LoL..Take care!

  2. You’re still in my prayers and it’s good to read that you’re improving.

    Agree with liv about the pain and the meds; trust me, I just had major surgery a couple weeks ago

  3. yes you are in my prayers.. I have to make sure my brother up da street is ok.. I’ll hold off on the curry until you get your appetite back 🙂

    Now since your Boys are out.. I hope you are rooting for my GMen to finish the job

  4. I can’t even imagine how bored you must be..I was sick at home on Monday and Tuesday and by midday Tuesday I was going just about stir-crazy. Resulted in me cooking so much food that I won’t get to eat before it all goes bad.
    (I cook mountains of food but won’t eat…something is wrong)

    Anyhow, Glad to hear/read you are doing better! Keep your head up and don’t get frustrated. You’ll be back at it in no time!

  5. Well not to worry because I’m sure you have a GREAT personal injury lawyer who is taking care of ALL the detailed things for you, so that you can be well compensated for you PAIN, SUFFERING, LOST WAGES, etc. (sorry my mother just popped into my body and I heard the lawyer in her speaking)

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