Boston Massacre

Ya know, I get tired of being in DC ere’ weekend. So I figured I’d take a trip to see my Celtics play against the Indiana Pacers. First things first, I had to figure out whether I could get tickets. Surprisingly, I have able to get a number of good seats in the club level. Once I got that all taken care of, I had to figure out if I could get a reasonable roundtrip from DC to Indianapolis without spending over $200. Well, being that I’m a frequent flier on Northwest airlines, they owed me a free roundtrip and I decided to use it for this particular trip. I packed my bags and I was outta this joint. Arrived at Conseco Fieldhouse about 30 minutes before the game started. The first person that I was when I walked into the building was Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy. He was standing in the will-call line with who looked to be his son. A lotta folks were walkin’ over to him, so I decided not to say anything or take a pic. I walked around the foyer of the arena and took a few pics. That place was really nice!!!! They had a lotta different things to do at that arena. It definitely was one of the best stadiums that I’ve ever been to. Ya know I had my Celtics gear on and the big mascot for the Pacers tried to attack me before I even got to the turnstile. I heard the mumbling of folks around me, but I wasn’t intimidated. Those folks had no idea that I’m a professional antagonist. I’m a Cowboys fans and I walk into the den of lions each time I go to FedEx Field for a Redskins-Cowboys game. I have no fear, plus I had my lucky Celtics basketball shorts on underneath my jeans and I was feelin’ good vibes. Yeah, Antoine Walker had got suspended for the game, but I knew that my squad was gonna represent. Paul Pierce was in that joint droppin’ bombs on em. They did more than represent, they crushed those suckaz. They totally destroyed the Pacers. You wanna talk about a happy brotha… oh yeah I was all smiles after the game was over. My Celts beat em down 110-79. Here’s a few pics that I took from the game.

My pics from the game

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