Breaking the cycle of young Black men left behind

Buy a copy of this book and give it to a young man that you know. Better yet, buy some copies and give it to a Boys Club or Foster Care organization.

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Part One You, Your Friends and Family: Building a Solid Foundation

1. Young Brotha: The Newest Perfect Model
Email: Qualities of a good man

2. Friends as Family
Email: My friends at school

3. Being Raised by a Single Parent
Email: Talking to my father

Part Two School, Work & Money: Mining Our Resources

4. Staying in the Game: The Debt Rule
Email: Tests

5. Effort: Working Hard at Working Smart
Email: Mentors
Email: Careers

6. Quitting versus Changing Your Mind
Email: After Graduation, from Jerry Bruckheimer
Email: School

7. Tools of Choice: Educating and Money-Making
Email: Salary
Email: Cars

Part Three The Real Deal: Girls, Sex and Responsibility

8. Finding Your Swagga
Email: What Women Want
Email: Girls

9. Sex Matters
Email: Girl Complications, from Gabrielle Union

10. Mistakes
Email: HIV/AIDS, from Phill Wilson

Part Four Dreaming Big: Making It Happen

11. Dreaming Big
Email: Superstardom, from Venus Williams

12. Living with Passion
Email: Questions

13. MANifesting Your Destiny
Email: Smoking and Drinking

14. Fear and the Doing-Ness of Life
Email: Gossip

Part Five Winning at Your Life: Setting Sail

15. The Power of Belief
Email: Making Money

16. Vision into Being
Email: Life

17. Wealth and Winning
Email: Mantras

Final Letter: The Wind At Your Back

3 thoughts on “Breaking the cycle of young Black men left behind”

  1. yeah… it’s a Herman Miller Aeron

    The office furniture was supplied by the corporate organization that electronically transfers funds into my bank account twice a month in return for me working at least 40 hours per week.

    Anyway, back to the message at hand. Support the young Black brothers out here and buy the book for a few of them!!!!!

  2. Great book suggestion!
    I didn’t realize Harper had one out, I am definitely gonna give this as a gift to a few folks.

    Thanks G!

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