Can’t Beat That With A Bat

So I go out onto my balcony to get a breath of fresh air and what do I see… a bat. My first thought was an expletive filled statement that I won’t repeat. I wasn’t sure if it was alive, but after further inspection (with the broom from kitchen) I saw that this bat was ice cold. So you know what I decided to do after that right… grab the digital camera from the bedroom and take a few pics. Okay so I’m a lil’ bit camera happy at times. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a close-up shot of this ugly creature. This joker looked like a small mouse with sharp wings and jagged teeth. Although I knew it was dead, I was still a lil’ bit cautious just in case this gremlin decided to wake-up from a comatose state.

After I took my pics, I came back into the house to finish watching the Celtics-Pacers game. My squad narrowly escaped with the victory 92-89. Now they gotta play Game 7 in Boston on Saturday and hopefully they’ll have Paul Pierce in the line-up. It’s quite possible that NBA Commissioner David Stern may elect to suspend him for that forearm that he gave Jamaal Tinsley tonight. I didn’t think that it was that bad, but they ejected him for it. The Celtics can ill afford to lose him going into this crucial deciding game. I’mma keep my fingers crossed…

3 thoughts on “Can’t Beat That With A Bat”

  1. “beat that bat with a broom”…..LMAO…..WHAAAAT???…..anyway yall didnt deserve that win…3-3…we will see…..

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