Can’t Stand The Heat!

Okay, so it’s over 90 degrees outside right? I come home after a very long day at work and find that the air conditioning in my apartment building is down. Sounds like a lotta fun doesn’t it? I called the maintenance and they gave me the usual response “We’re working on it”. You wanna talk about a brotha angry… I was heated!!!! (ß maybe that was a poor choice of words) Anyway, I cut the fan on, but of course it’s only blowing hot air. I grab an ice pack from the freezer and lay it on my chest. But that only helped for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile Comcast decided that they wanted to have problem with my cable internet service at the same time, so I couldn’t even go online. Here I am sitting is a sauna of an apartment with no air and no internet. At about 10pm I decided to call it a night and I laid down on the bed to go to sleep. I woke up around 2am in a pool of sweat… I mean drenched! That was it for me. I jumped outta bed, threw on my New Balance kicks, grabbed my car keys and went outside to my car. I got inside the car, reclined the seat and started the ignition. I set the A/C on high cool, cut on the radio and went to sleep. Yep, I stayed in my car until almost 7 that morning. That’s how bad it was. I could not sleep peacefully and comfortably in my apartment and that was the only option for me at the time. Of course I probably could’ve gone to my sister’s house which was less than 10 minutes away, but I wasn’t thinking about driving. Being in an apartment with no A/C with the temperature is over 90 degrees is no joke. I wanted to go to the rental office with a baseball bat and do a Principal Joe Clark up in there. But they ended up getting the A/C fixed that morning, but who knows how long it’s gonna stay on this time around. I swear, I gotta find somewhere else to live. I can’t deal with this craziness all summer.

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