Charm City Hustle

I’m sittin’ up in the crib on Saturday afternoon cuz it was hot as hell outside. I give my man Big G a holla and he reminds me of the Ravens-Eagles game goin’ on in Baltimore later on that night. We make plans to go down to the stadium and make some extra dollars scalping… I mean hustling tickets. He scoops me up and we roll down the I-95 towards to Charm City. Being that he had a parking pass for the stadium lot, we had no problems getting a space once we got down there. We walk around M&T Bank stadium for about 15 minutes and I was sweating like a dog out there. The temperature wasn’t really hot, the humidity was just ridiculous though. 5-0 was pretty deep on the grounds of the stadium so we had to set-up shop on Eutaw & Pratt st. No if you know anything about Baltmore, you’d know that we weren’t exactly ‘close’ to the stadium. We had to walk from M&T stadium, go through the gates of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and stand about a block from there. It wasn’t a big deal though cuz most of the folks trying to get rid of extra tickets had to park far away anyway and most we coming from down near The Harbor.

I call my man J and ask him if he wanted to come through and chill wit me at the game and he was cool with it. Me and Big G spent about 90 minutes or so buying and selling tickets for the game and it was pretty much an easy day at the office. The folks trying to get rid of extra tickets don’t really know the value of what they have and me offering $20 for a single $60 ticket was better than them keeping it in their pocket. But then I just flip the script and sell that same ticket for almost double what the face value is on the ticket to another fan who desperately wants to go to the game. I didn’t learn how to run this game overnight and some days & events are a lot easier than others.

Anyway, shortly before 8 my man J gives a call to inform me that he was down by the stadium. I was done working the streets and decided to go ahead on into the game. Big G stayed outside and continued the hustle. There’s just something about night football games that I really enjoy. I didn’t care that it was a preseason game, I was just glad that the start of the football season is right around the corner. I hope to be back in Baltimore when the Ravens take on the Colts on Sunday night Sept. 11. I don’t have tickts in hand for that gmae at the moment, but I’ll be making a few deals between now and then in order to secure my seats for that one. That will definitely be a game to look forward to. Are you ready for some football??? You betta believe that I am!!!!

My pics from the game

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