Common Scents

So, I’m standing in the shower lathering up my body tryna get clean first thing this morning right? I looked around and thought to myself “Maaaaaan… you gotta lotta Bath & Body Works stuff in here”. Truth be told, I have 4 total shower gels from Bath & Body Works. I’ve got Cool Citrus Basil, Grapefruit Jasmine, Rich Citrus Cream, and Mango Mandarin. Then I have 2 shower gels for 2 of the colognes that I use, Jean Paul Gaultier and Very Sexy for Men by VS. Aside from those, I’ve got two bars of olive oil soap and one bar of tea tree soap. I had to ask myself “Why do you have all of this stuff?”. Well, I’m a brotha that takes really good care of his skin. Furthermore, I like to smell good whenever I leave the crib. A lot of the shower gels I use blend well with the colognes that I use. The citrus based shower gels blend well with the Issey Miyake, Ralph Lauren Romance Silver, Dolce & Gabbana, & Jean Paul Gaultier colognes that I wear. I never step into the shower with any idea which shower gel that I’m gonna use. I tend to just get in the water, duck my head under the shower head, rinse and reach. Whichever one I grab, is usually the one I use. At that point I tend to have an idea of which cologne I’m gonna wear that day. Of course if I grab cologne based shower gels, it goes without saying that that’ll be the scent that I’ll wear that day. I have on occasion forgotten and splashed on Issey Miyake cologne after showering with Gaultier shower gel….lol. Now if I have to shave, then I’ll tend to sue a cologne that I have an after shave for. My ritual is to always spray cologne on my body as soon as I step dripping wet from the shower. Two pumps from the bottle is generally sufficient enough. I dry off and then sit on the bed for a minute… before applying cocoa butter or shea butter to my feet. The softening of the feet, now that’s a story for another day… ha ha.

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