Saturday night I went to Verizon Center to check out my Celtics against the Wizards. Sunday afternoon I went to FedEx Field to check out my Cowboys against the Redskins. This is the first time I’ve seen my two favorite teams play on back to back days. This was supposed to have been a weekend full of exciting memories. However, both of my teams lost. The Celtics loss I can deal with. The Cowboys loss has me numb. The one thing I continue to see in my head is that scene from Good Times, where Florida slammed down the punch bowl and hollered that phrase we all remember. That’s how I feel right now. What else is there for me to say on a Monday morning?

EDIT: 11:00am – What is this maaaan!!!!!?? Huh??

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From day one I didn’t like the dude. (See: Oh No… Not T.O.!!!!! ) My disdain for him has only increased in the past 24 hours. Every player in the locker room should’ve thrown a tantrum as he would’ve in that situation had the ball be overthrown by Romo. No, that one play did not cost us the game. However, it is the one the sticks out in my head the most.

Somewhere in Philadelphia a brotha named Donovan McNabb is smiling.

Terrell Owens needs to keep his mouth shut!!!! Seriously…..


12 thoughts on “Damn!…Damn!…Dammnnnn!”

  1. I know how u feel i was crushed too last nite..messed up my damn fantasy league..but we still #1 in teh East!!!!!!Just chalk it up as a week of upsets…cuz Chicago lost HARD too

  2. I know its hard…hell it was hard on me, when we lost to you all the first time…but you know, it happens…and all I can truly saying, being the DC girl that I am, and loving this moment as I do…with me losing my smart trip card that had like $60 on it and not being paid until tomorrow, and just having paid rent…just you know STUFF…I am still at peace and calm…and it wasn’t until I read your post that I understand why….HAIL to the REDSKINS!!!!!

  3. dude, i was so shocked when i saw the boys had lost! i was watching the end when the kicker was lining up to kick, turned it cuz i was like “shit, it’s in the bag…”

    NEXT THING YOU KNOW i’m watching espnnews and they’re interviewing t.o. and i check the bottom and it says they lost. WTF?

    uh, WHERE THE FUCK IS VANDERJAGHT? i say cut all the kickers and start from scratch.

  4. @ Missy – I don’t take solace in knowing other teams lost. My squad lost. That’s all I see

    @ 1969 – Sitting in the stadium with 80,00 cheering Redskins fans after a loss like that left a brotha speechless. Being there to witness it still seems unreal to me. But I didn’t have a good feeling when they lined up to kick the field goal. Redskins fans were leaving the stadium in droves and I told the Cowboys fans around me to not celebrate prematurely. My premonition was correct. Going to the office is nothing.

    @ TC – True fans hurt when their teams lose. I’m no different. It is what it is. Sorry about your Metro card.

    @ Nikki – It’s never in the bag til the fat lady sings. Yesterday, she sung the hated Redskins song.

  5. Interesting thing for me is that even at the very end it wasn’t a done deal. Hell, Novak almost missed it. Even Joe Gibbs couldn’t watch.

    Just goes to show you, I’d rather be lucky than good.

  6. LOL LOL LOL.. wow.. well I know a few other cowboy fans that went into morning and called for the tuna’s head as well as TO.. LOL

    but damn if you weren’t fortunate for real.. feel blessed you were able to attend BOTH games *despite ya back issues* 🙂

    Hugz bruh 🙂

  7. Cowboy fans were hurt.

    But my team–Arkansas Razorbacks–won Saturday. On to a BCS Bowl game.

  8. Came by way of 1969. I read your post on dealing with DDD. I have it as well (2 discs shot to hell and 2 on their way). It sucks! I’m glad you like the C’s (as I’m a Beantown girl, myself, like Missy). Let’s keep in touch. I’m on my way to my first PT appointment on Thursday for this mess.

  9. Not a football fan, but I do really dislike T.O. I mean, what’s all the freakin hype anyway? He’s a big ass baby who can’t back up his talent worth a damn. There are kids in high school and college with more skills. Maybe he should hang up his cleets and go into politrics (intentionally spelledthat way) cause he’s certainly the master of the bait and switch, and the talk trash with shit to show for it but the smell.

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