Day in the life of a die hard Cowboys fan

Destination – Cowboys @ Falcons game
Location – Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA
Time – 8:00pm

Saturday December 16, 2006

  • 5:45am – Awoke to my cell phone alarm, showered, threw on Cowboys jacket and skull cap, grabbed duffle bag and left house.
  • 6:43am – Hit I-95N while bumpin’ the new Ghostface album. Arrived at BWI airport, parked car at $8 lot and caught shuttle to gate.
  • 8:02am – Went through security, arrived at gate and talked with other Cowboys fans who were on the same flight that I was on.
  • 8:50am – Boarded plane en route to ATL. Based upon my seat assigned, I sat next to older white lady who looked nervous to be sitting next to me. She was having trouble with her seatbelt and as I reached over to try and help, she immediately began to tremble as if I was trying to take her purse.
  • 9:22am – Flight attendants served me the cranberry juice that I had requested and also provided these gourmet biscuits called a Biscoff. Who were they foolin? That joint was nothin’ but a graham cracker.

  • 10:35am – Arrived in ATL, sent my baby a text message confirming my arrival and walked the airport concourse. Lord, was it hot!!! It had to be around 70 degrees. I immediately took off the jacket and skullcap.

  • 11:13am – Caught Alamo shuttle to their lot and since I did the online check-in I was able to select whatever full sized car I wanted. Saw a rack of Pontiac’s (nope) and a few Impala’s but without XM radio (nope)… so I waited.
  • 11:37am – Attendants bring more cars over and I spot a white Impala with leather seats and XM radio. However I wasn’t the only one who saw it and this other guy was headed in that direction also. I beat him to it. Jumped in, checked out at the gate and rolled out.
  • 11:41am – Hit I-285N en route to my uncle’s house. Called him to get specific directions and found out that he wasn’t at the address I had listed. However his new house was only 2 miles away from the old house. Thank the good Lord he wasn’t that far away cuz I didn’t need to be gettin’ lost.
  • 12:09pm – 1:41pm – Arrived at my uncle’s house in Marietta. Sat on the deck of his house and talked to him for a while about everything from my new job to flavored water to his recent open heart surgery. He looked good for a man who had only been home a few days after having heart surgery. I thank the Lord that he came through alright.
  • 1:41pm – 4:19pm – My cousins came by the house bearing gifts… yep, a bucket of KFC and a rack of sides for a brotha. Ate chicken and talked with them for a few hours. It had been close to 5 years since I last saw all of them at the famly reunion in NY. Both he and she are a few years younger than me and are originally from NY. But even after being in ATL for 15 years, their NY accents still remain. Glad to see that everyone is lookin’ good. All of their kids are really growing up I tell ya.
  • 4:39pm – While driving on I-285S I receive a text message from my fiancée that says “I love you”. Of course I sent her a text message back saying “I LOVE YOU TOO!!!”
  • 4:56pm – 5:14pm – Got lost, frustrated and confused. Called my man Jay who has worked for Hyatt hotels for over 20 years to see if the hook-up we had talked about earlier in the week was in effect. I gave (yeah, as in free) him some Redskins tickets a few weeks back and he owed me a favor. 15 minutes later he calls and gives me the info for the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and says that it’s all taken care of…. as in comped.
  • 5:26pm – 6:17pm – Locate hotel, check in and watch ESPN for a while. Take off the gray shirt I had on most of the day in exchange for a navy blue one. Grabbed my ticket to the game and my digital camera and started walking down Peachtree towards Andrew Young Blvd en route to the Georgia Dome.

  • 6:47pm – 7:15pm – Arrive at Georgia Dome. Walk around the stadium for a while where a number of events are taking place as part of the fan experience.
  • 7:21pm – 7:52pm – Went inside Georgia Dome, found seat in section 101 and took pics as the players were warming up.

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  • 8:02pm – Cowboys enter. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah baby!!!!
  • 8:05pm – Falcons enter. Booooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • 8:08pm – 9:30pm – Good game played by both teams. Score tied 21-21 at halftime. Saw most of the first half, but when my newfound friend Mike (Cowboys fan sitting next to me who flew from Cincinnati for the game) offered to buy me a beer (in his words “You flying, I’m buying”) I went to the concessions and that’s when DeMarcus Ware intercepted Vick and ran it back for a TD. I was so siiiick that I missed that. But Mike had the tab all night, just as long as I did the running. He was really a cool dude,

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  • 9:38pm – Ludacris performs at halftime. His performance of “Money Maker” was boring. Nobody was dancing, it was just him and the DJ on the stage at the 50 yard line.
  • 9:45pm – 10:39pm – Falcons came out and drove the ball down the Cowboys throat making it 28-21. I was getting a lil’ bit nervous. The Boys came back and took the lead to make it 31-28 on a FG and a Marion Barber TD. Michael Vick broke the rushing record for QB’s and got a huge ovation from the crowd.
  • 10:49pm – Marion Barber TD to make it 38-28. You’ve probably seen it on the highlights, but this was from my perspective. Keep in mind that I got just a lil’ bit excited.
  • 10:51pm – Got tons of celebration text messages from my fellow Cowboys fans who knew I was gonna be at the game.
  • 11:02pm – 12:49am – Hollered, screamed, high fived, hugged, gave dap to every single person I saw who was wearing Cowboys attire as I was walking from the Georgia Dome all the way to Peachtree. I was really feelin’ good about that win… I mean really good!!!!! Mike, myself and handful of other ‘Boys fans (all who had travelled from various cities) we met at the game went over to a sports bar and celebrated some more. Called fiancée who seemed concerned that I might’ve been drinking a li’ bit too much and asked me promise to text her when I got back to the room.

**a few of my celebration vid clips… I apologize for the camera angles**

Sunday December 17, 2006

  • 1:00am-2:00am (not really sure of exact time) – Got back to room, watched ESPN highlights of the Knicks-Nuggets fight, recap of the Cowboys-Falcons game and fell asleep
  • 4:34am – Awoke and remembered that I had promised to text my fiancée when I got back to the room. Although a ‘few’ hours late, I went ahead and sent the message anyway and prepared myself for any repercussions of my tardiness.
  • 5:45am – 6:30am – Wake-up call came from front desk per my request. Went downstairs to the cafe and ate breakfast. Since my man hooked me up, the Hyatt had included me a free buffet breakfast as well. Went to ask the waitress for some juice and realized that my voice was rather raspy and throat was kinda sore. It was definitely from all the hollering.
  • 7:10am – 7:53am – Checked out and took car back to Alamo. One problem, I had forgot to put gas in the car and it was at 3/4 tank. Those jokers wanted to charge me $25 extra for that so guess what I did? Yep, I left their lot and took the directions to the nearest gas station where I ended up putting $9.57 in the tank. Call me cheap if you want, but the entire one day rental only cost me $25.17, I wasn’t giving them $25 for gas.
  • 8:24am – 9:30am Went through security and got verbally abused by salty Falcons fans along the way as I had on my favorite Dorsett jersey on. Got to the gate and talked to a few Cowboys fans who had been on the exact same flight with me the previous morning. They also had gone to the game and were as excited as I was.
  • 11:16am – Plane landed at BWI. I texted my baby to confirm my arrival, caught the shuttle to the lot where my car was, paid the bill and hit I-95S.
  • 12:21pm – Got home and crashed!!!!!

The End……………………………


G. Mo

16 thoughts on “Day in the life of a die hard Cowboys fan”

  1. Excellent! Glad you had a good time. And er-ah, I’m takin’ back that thing I said about the Cowboys not makin’ the playoffs.

    Hope does I suppose spring eternal.

  2. hahahaaaa! I swear I need to get yo and my girl Faun together.. ya’ll some die hard boys fans.. she going down to dallas for christmas.. LOL

    I love your play by plays though!

  3. you are a TRUE fan…although I can’t stand your team, I truly respect how much you LOVE them…cause you know how I feel about my boys…loved the play by play including the fact that you were consistant (even when late) with letting your lady know what was going on with you…little stuff like that IS much appreciated!

  4. You know I love ATL…why you ain’t invite me to tag along. I woulda cheered for the Cowboys LOL!!

    Glad your boyz pulled it out and that you had a good time. Your clips are hilarious…you are truly a FAN!!!

    Happy Holidays…Oh and I had a good time at the game (even without D. Wade!)…but next time I’ma holla at you to see if you can get me cheaper tixs!

  5. iM SAYING Whats up with Celts tickets man!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yo what kinda camera do u have? I love how u just put these videos up of yourself…U truly are Da man!!!!!But i;ll be taking that back if i dont receive an email about some tickets

  6. DO NOT HATE ON THE BISCOFF! dude, if i could get my hands on those cookies on the daily, i would. i LOVE those cookies.

    and you know i’m sitting here steaming that as another diehard dallas fan, i wasn’t able to go to the game and i LIVE UP IN DIS PIECE.

    next time you betta look me up. i’m tired of attending falcons games with falcons fans. i think next year i’m gonna get tickets to check dallas out in irving stadium.

  7. See this is why the DC area is so messed up. We keep you Cowboy fans around and yall muck up the spot!!

    Great post man… wrong team, but great post!

  8. Great play-by-play posting for such an EXCELLENT football team.

    Hey, don’t TC and Enigma know that Dallas is both God’s and America’s team?

    Tsk. Tsk. Hope they’re not close friends or worse, relatives:-)

    Unfortunately for me I’m traveling Christmas Day so I’m gonna miss the most important game of the season but knowing all ‘Boys fans will be sending strong powerful thoughts will help settle my nerves.

    Go, Cowboys!!!!!!

  9. Looks like you had fun! I wish I were into football. It seems like since I don’t know much about the game and I’m often lost when watching it on TV, that I’m missing out, because everyone who is into football is REALLY into it! Hopefully, someone will have the patience to sit down and teach me the game so I’ll know what’s going on when I watch it! =)

  10. @ Terry – Yeah, I had a blast. Cowboys are back baby!!!

    @ 1969 – Ummm… yeah, just a lil’ bit better.

    @ Bklny Diva, BluJewel & TTD – Gotta have the play-by-plays. It makes the entry come to life. All I had to do was look back at all the calls I made, the text msgs sent and received and the timestamp on the pictures from my camera to come up with the ballpark timeframe for each sequence. Hmmm… I wonder if I can get a job as a color analyst for game… ha ha

    @ T.C. – Well, I gotta let my baby know what’s going on. She knows how I get when a Cowboys win and liquor is combined… lol

    @ Dynasty – How can you not LOVE the Cowboys!!!???

    @ RD – Ummm… you were too busy chasing D. Wade. Just holla when you need the tix though…

    @ Missy – I was just using my regular Pentax digital camera. Just lemme know the Celtics game and I’ll see wassup.

    @ Nikki – Okay, I see you’re a fan of the Biscoff. Next time I fly AirTran I’l save em for ya. Now how are you gonna be in ATL and not go see the Cowboys when they play?

    @ Enigma – Thanks. I do have the right team though… DC stands for Dallas Cowboys

    @ Debo Blue – Yes, Go Cowboys!!!!

    @ Urban Butterly – How could you not be into football? Awww maaa… you’re missing out on so much fun.

  11. You okay over here? Don’t worry. Those Eagles will get hyped up as they always do and get taken out by the G-Men…..we are not out of it YET!

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