Don’t call me during the game!!!!

Yeah I’m talkin’ to three jokers who are all Redskins fans. You guys know who you are. Oh, you want me to identify you so the world knows who you are? Okay, I’ll just put the initials out there. Ironically two of you fools have the same initials, BP. The other clown’s initials are TS. All of y’all are my boyz and none of y’all even know the other. Anyway, I can’t stand it when I’m chillin’ in my house or wherever watching the Cowboys play and the minute they mess up I get a phone call.

-you call my house, my cell and send text messages to my cell anytime my team has a mishap during the game
-you call me at work the morning after the game to inquire as to whether I got your previous voicemail and/or messages
-you send emails with links to sports websites and video clips from the Cowboys losing
-you claim to be a fan of the Redskins, but you can’t even name 10 players on your team
-you don’t even care if your team win/loses as long as the Cowboys lose so you can act like an jackazz
-you get all bent out of shape when I cuss you out for doing that petty stuff

I hate y’all… I really do!!!!! You wanna call me after the game is over… cool. But the dumb azz annoying crap during the game is what pisses me off. Leaving voicemails and calling saying “ahhhhh haaaa” and then hanging up is what makes me wanna steal you in the jaw when I see you. For some strange reason my phone that was ringing off the hook Sunday night remains quiet. My email inbox that was full of articles and links is empty. My cell phone isn’t vibrating with messages anymore. Hmmm… I wonder why. The reason… your team lost. I haven’t heard a peep from any of you guys since the Redskins lost to the Vikings on Monday night. Hence my vent. Never ever ever run your mouth about my team before your team plays. That’s plain ignorant. My team lost, you ran your mouth and then your team lost and now you’re as quiet as a church mouse.

Bottom line is this… we see you suckaz on Sunday night in Texas Stadium. I’m not even gonna say anything. But all of you should say individual prayers in the hopes that the Cowboys don’t win. Yes I hate the Redskins, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate Redskins fans (*looks at fiancée* “not you baby”) more than I do the team. The arrogance is what disgusts me. Let a brotha watch the game in peace. I don’t bother you, don’t bother me.

3 thoughts on “Don’t call me during the game!!!!”

  1. HA HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! well, I can say something because my team was ON IT Monday night, they CRUSHED the Raiders! The Raiders we simply off-duty that night, still living life in the off-season, still at football camp, haning out in the pre-season… *sigh*

    The Chargers are off to nice start hopefully they can keep it up.

    As far as the Cowboys go, I missed that game.

  2. LOL!

    That is so funny! So I guess the vast majority of football fanatic men do that, huh? My ex and his friends used to do that as well, call each other during the games and talk trash. I always thought it was funny.

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