Double Standards

Why is that when a Black athlete or entertainer does something, the media blows it up like the world is coming to an end? Yes, what Randy Moss did was stupid and ignorant, but no need to call in the National Guard for the situation. He’s not the first athlete to celebrate in unconventional ways and he won’t be the last. He didn’t actually pull his pants down did he? You’d a thought that he actually showed the world his Plumber’s crack the way that summa these folks are reacting. He scored a touchdown and he decided to give the Lambeau faithful a dose of their own medicine. He’s constantly criticized by the media for the smallest things that he does anyway, so I’m not suprised by this sudden outcry to give him the death penalty. I mean, it’s not like he did a Jake Plummer and gave the fans the middle finger right? Seems to me that telling your own fans off is a lot worse that simulating pulling your pants down in tribute to the opposing teams fans. But of course, Jake is a good fella and doesn’t hold the reputation that Randy does so his discretion was a small blip on the radar screen. All this nonsense condeming Randy is just that… nonsense! I’m tired of hearing Black reporters decry his actions as if he is a disgrace to every African-American alive. He’s a kid that plays football, not Jesse Jackson who got his mistress pregnant. Let’s keep this in perspective for exactly what it is. He’s not Charles Manson, he’s not Scott Peterson, he’s not Suge Knight. He’s Randy Moss, a kid that is a talent on the football field and one who could use a few more dance lessons.