Down to ‘The Wire’

Imagine feeling like Clay Davis right now, hollering out his favorite phrase. I can’t believe that The Wire is over. It hasn’t even been a full 20 minutes since the wife and I watched the finale of The Wire and I already feel kinda empty. I mean, what am I gonna watch on Sunday nights now? Through a series of underground sources I obtained the final episode on Tuesday night. I took the digitally formatted .avi file, converted it to a DVD using Nero, burned it to a DVD+R and played it on HD joint through the standalone DVD player. Call me pressed. Call me impatient. You’d be right on both counts. The Wire is my show!!!! I’ve been snagging episodes online since Season 3 and generally have even been ahead of the OnDemand episodes shown. There’s no other show on TV that I’ve looked forward to this much in years. The only one that comes close is 24 and that was before the ridiculous plot from Season 6.

Marlo taking care of Prop Joe

Anyway, back to The Wire. I contemplated watching it last night and decided to try and wait it out until Sunday. I really intended to hold out, but the message boards online are killing me. I go to read up on NFL free agent news and someone on that board has a link to the finale and is giving spoilers. I go to a forum to discuss the new Janet album and there’s discussions taking place on why certain things happened in the finale. I couldn’t get away from it. I mean, who the hell leaked the final episode so that it’s all over the net like this? I was more than content to wait til Sunday, but I was worried that someone might give away the ending and thus the viewing in my household took place tonight. I don’t regret it though.

Omar getting done up by Lil’ Kenard

The finale was really good. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give anything away. I don’t wish to ruin the experience for true The Wire fans. Come Sunday night, I’ll watch it again. After that, who knows what I’ll watch. I’ve been captivated since the first episode in June of 2002. Everyone has their favorite characters and episodes that really hit home. I’ll be here all day talking about mine that’s for sure. I honestly don’t even wanna talk about it anymore.

Freamon busting Marlo

I’m gonna miss The Wire. I know I’m not alone. Time to go back to the beginning and watch from Season 1, Episode 1.

Here are a few of my most memorable clips that come to mind….

Omar on the stand in Bird trial

Wallace & Bodie learning about chess from D’Angelo

Bodie & Poot kill Wallace

McNulty gets drunk, wrecks car and meets waitress

Kima shot by Weebay & Lil’ Man

Bunk & McNulty’s scene with one word

Omar & Brother Mouzone confrontation

Bunk & Omar chat on the bench

Stringer tells Avon what really happened to D’Angelo

Stringer and Avon reminisce

Stringer goes down

Bunk tricks kid with ‘lie detector’

Aiiight y’all I could post scenes all day…. seems that no one has the clip from Season 4 when Randy was hollering out “You gonna look out for me?” to Sergeant Carver in the hospital after the fire or the scene from this season when Mike has to drop off Bug after killing Snoop… those were real touching scenes

Anyway, I’m out and bouncing in frustration like my man Dukie…

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G. Mo

4 thoughts on “Down to ‘The Wire’”

  1. I cant wait until Sunday… OMG… I cant believe they did that mess to me not having it on demand… But the suspense it so high right now I’m about to explode… This series was monumental and will never be forgotten!

  2. I’m just trying to occupy my time until Sunday so that I won’t think about it. If I get online and start digging I won’t stop until I have my own ill-gotten copy to view. I’m gonna hold out. Maybe everybody who blogs can have a conference call or online chat session to discuss the finale.

  3. I love the wire!!! I hate the way they killed Omar. He was a ‘G’ and they let a kid kill him.

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