“Excuse me… your music is too loud”

Those were the words that I heard less than 15 minutes ago as I was sitting at a red traffic light about 3 miles from my house. Now, ordinarily I would’ve gave whoever the person was an ice grill or said something really smart, but for some reason I didn’t. I glanced over and saw a young Black girl in her mid 20’s trying to have a conversation on her cellular phone. As a looked over to her she screamed loudly, but politely “I can’t hear the person on the other end”. I reached down to the volume on my CD player and adjusted the volume downward as the thumping beat and lyrics from Nas began to fade. She smiled, said “Thank You”, I nodded my head. Moments later the light turned green and I again adjusted the volume upward to my desired listening level. Instantly it hit me, why had I been so nice? I should’ve said something like “if you can’t hear your call, roll up your windows” or something like that, but I didn’t. That was really weird. I’m known for being quite sarcastic at times and even being a real ‘evil’ person when it comes to telling people off. I still can’t explain it as I sit here writing this now. People who know me will do a double take when they read this and probably make me tell the story again verbally. I dunno folks, maybe I’m turning over a new leaf or something. It’s not as if I’ve had the best of days or anything. In fact, I had a very bad day. Oh well…

Aiight… gotta go, the basketball game is on.

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