Yessir!!! My squad pulled it out. I told those Redskins jokers that redemption was coming after that debacle in Dallas. I’ll be back later with a recap and more pics. I just needed to send a quick message to all those who’ve been blowing up my phone with calls and text msg and my email. I had a rack of those clowns hit me when the Redskins were up 7-0. Ask me have I heard from anymore of them since the game was over. You already know that answer. It’s a beautiful, quiet day in DC. You have a great one as I will. DC stands for Dallas Cowboys baby!!!

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

One thought on “Exhilarating!!!”

  1. First, you are banned from my site. LOL! You are a FOOL for those Maxwell comments. Hilarious…and true! I can’t totally disagree about Jaz. She got work to do.

    Yup, it was nice and quiet in DC Monday and I was loving it, evil hater that I am. As a diehard Eagles fan though, I would have preferred to see the game end in a tie 😉 We’re thisclose to being ready to blow this thing up and chill in our red and white until next season. Let ya’ll knock each other off.

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