Father’s Day Weekend

(pictured above: My Dad, My Granddad, and of course Me)

This past weekend I spent in Charlotte, NC with my family for Father’s Day. The majority of my time was spent at my grandparents house with my Dad, Granddad and Grandma. I had a wonderful time with the old folks. I ran around the city of Charlotte a lil’ bit with my Pops and then chilled at my Grandparents house. I enjoyed hearing all of them tell old stories of things that I did when I was young. Some of those stories are just hard to believe. I honestly don’t remember all of that stuff. Anyway, I swear I think I gained about 10lbs from my Grandma’s cooking. She hooked up the grub southern style for her only grandson. I remember eating around 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, then waking up around 6pm. Yeah, that good food put a brotha to sleep somethin’ nice. The weekend was just a relaxing one and really one that I needed. Just to get away from the DC area and spend time with family was a blessing.

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