First Day of School

It’s official, I’m getting old. More like, I am old. My 3 nieces started school a few weeks ago and you know I had to be there to start their morning off right. Surprised them by showing up at the house shortly before they left. As always I took a ‘few’ pics as they were getting ready and as they headed out of the door. They’re in 1st grade, Kindergarten and Pre-K respectively. All of them seem to enjoy school thus far and really like riding the school bus. Since the first day, I call them periodically in the evenings and ask them how their day was. They’re more than excited when telling me about their teachers and the new friends that they’ve made.

It kinda warms my heart to know that they’re enjoying themselves. I look forward to the seeing the school pics that they’ll take in a few weeks. The day will come soon that I’ll be going through this with my own child(ren). I look forward to that day as well. For the parents out there. Do you remember your child’s first day of school? For all the uncles and aunts in situations like me, do you remember your niece or nephews first day?

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

4 thoughts on “First Day of School”

  1. I swear you are the BEST uncle!!!

    I remember BOTH of their first days of school.. I mean when they got to Kindergarten it was NOTHING.. but their daycare days hurt the most for me!!! LOL especially when my son just went in the class and said SEE YA MOMMY.. no hug or kiss or nothing!!!! LOL

    by the time they went to grade school it was a wrap.. Me looking at him getting on the bus.. and then with my daughter when I walked her into her classroom..

    *thanks for making me tear up!*

  2. That was so sweet…he is only 3, but I can’t wait until next year…i know he’ll be too excited, I and will be RIGHT there to see my baby go to school!!! His nephews went and had a ball

  3. Why am I just reading this? What a beautiful picture!

    My son just experienced his first day of Kindergarten…..I’ll never forget it.

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