Friendly Game of Freeze Tag

I stopped playing Red Light, Green Light and Hide & Go Get Seek a long long long time ago, but through the wonders of the blog world I’ve been tagged by The Angel of Spelman to take part in this ongoing game of freeze tag.

The rules are as follows:

-Link the person who tagged you.
-Mention the rules in your blog.
-Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
-Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
-Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Time to unfreeze myself. Forgive me, I kinda get long winded. I’ll be sure to thaw all the ice off me from the freeze… that’s for sure.

Quirk #1 – When I shop for produce, I smell everything. It doesn’t matter whether fruit or vegetable, I’ll test for softness/hardness and then take a sniff. Expanding on this I do one thing that makes no sense at all. When grabbing a bunch of bananas, I ALWAYS take one banana off the bunch. I ALWAYS do this. Seriously, if I grab a batch of 6, it’ll be 5 before I throw it in the bag. I never take off more than one and I never buy a batch with the number of bananas that it had when I picked it up. I honestly don’t know why I do this, but it drives my wife crazy. We’ll be in the store and one of two things will happen. Either she’ll see me rip off one banana from the bunch and then take that banana and try to slide it in the plastic bag without me seeing or she’ll go and get the bananas herself. That slide in thing hardly ever works though cuz I tie the bag pretty tight.

Quirk #2 – I’m always pulling hairs from my face. It doesn’t matter whether it from facial hair in my moustache or beard, stray hairs on my cheeks or on the side of my lips, under my chin or neck and sometimes even nose hairs which sometimes is mistaken for ‘Pickin’ Boogers’… lol. I’m always picking. This is usually done when driving in traffic, long staff meetings or sitting in bed watching TV. It’s comforting to me. I don’t like hair everywhere. If it’s too long, I’m gonna pull it. No need for tweezers, I got this. My nails are non-existent but I get a good enough grip with the skin from my fingers to pull em.

Quirk #3 – Everything in the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets must be facing forward. I have to see the front of everything in the fridge whether it’s juice, milk, ketchup, margarine, salad dressing, whatever. Same with the pantry and cabinets. I must see the name of each can of soup, beans, canned fruits & veggie, jar of peanut butter, etc Now with boxes of rice, cake mix, crackers, cold cereal, etc, they all must be facing the same direction with the ingredients facing towards me. Sometimes my wife with turn stuff backwards just to see how quickly I catch it. It’s like a game to her.

Quirk #4 – I make loud noises. When I sigh people think I’m grumbling or grunting. When I yawn, you’d think I was a wild orangutan who had just been set free after 20 years in captivity. When I sneeze it scares people and airbags start popping out from no where. A friend once told me that I had the ‘old down south church’ sneeze. I don’t know why I’m loud when I do this stuff. Most folks are used to it in the office and they just mock and make fun of me. Family members just give me the “oh not again” looks when I do it and keep it movin’.

Quirk #5 – I’m a pack rat. I keep stuff from way back when and it kinda borders on ridiculous. Off the top of my head I can tell you that I have a Harlem Globetrotters program from a game I attended when they played in DC at the Capital Centre in ’79, a school paper written in 10th grade about being stuck and broke down on the NJ Turnpike with Ma and baby bro & baby sis in snowy weather, autographed fan club pictures from Vanessa Williams and Pebbles from ’87…. hey they were hot back then, notebooks of diaries and all the poems I wrote as a kid, a VHS tape of the news report of when Channel 9 interviewed me while I was at the box office standing in line for Wizards tickets in ’99, newspaper clippings and magazine covers from the 80’s until now and TONS of sports memorabilia like ticket stubs, game day programs, key chains, rally towels, etc. I have no less than 10 storage bins full of stuff in the basement and probably about another 3-5 bins at the spot where my sister has her stuff.

Quirk #6 – I never forget names or faces. I see folks in the mall or out and about and I might not have seen them in 20 yrs. It could be from high school or Howard U. days, old jobs, time spent working at the radio station, cats I just ran b-ball with, someone my parents knew, my days promoting and touring, etc. But I’ll still remember their names and in most cases, where I know them from. That’s good and bad I suppose. It’s sometimes fun to fun to friends and associates and reminisce. But then you have some folks you’d really rather forget about…

Now, I can’t say for 100% certainty that all these folks listed below haven’t been tagged with this one already, but I’ll just tag them anyway cuz I know they check out my blog or least have at one time made a comment. So therefore, Tag… you’re it. Remember, this is Freeze Tag. You can’t unfreeze yourself until you answer the questions. So be cool with a brotha and play along.

Mr. Wyatt
Golden Lady

7 thoughts on “Friendly Game of Freeze Tag”

  1. In response to your comment, that’s sounds Grand! me and J were talking about getting together soon! I’ll run it by the Chief and we can all coordinate!!!!


  2. P.S. I’m also mad that your Globetrotters Program outlasted the ACTUAL Capital Centre…LOL!

    LOL@ all of these

    but I’m the same way @ #4

    each time Chief goes away and we talk he’s like “I miss you’re noisy behind. Walking around singing or talking outloud to yourself.” And it’s not in between with me…either I’m tip toeing around or I’m being extra

  3. #1 I do the same thing w/ bananas. I always take one off. Everytime.

    #2 I pull my hair too. Especially when I’m driving or have nervous energy. I also cut mine almost every day.

    #3 I’m pretty anal about food products. They have to be neatly arranged and I have to see the front label or the name and flavor of the item on the side of the box.

    #4 Eew! LOL

    #5 I’m terrible. I save everything. For the memories or

    #6 I never forget a face, but I’m terrible w/ names.

  4. Nice to know I am not forgotten! 🙂

    And I luv seeing what you have in your junk drawer at work…gives me ideas to restock mine! LOL

    Pray you are doing well!

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