Gerald Green takes Dunk Contest

I tried to tell folks a while back that this kid was the truth. As a Celtics fan I needed something to cheer about this season and I’m happy now. Most folks don’t even know that this kid has 9 1/2 fingers. Props to Dwight Howard on the Sticker on the Backboard dunk. He got robbed by the judges on that one. All the vid clips are below.

Right from school to work

By Shira Springer, Globe Staff | September 18, 2005

WALTHAM — Gerald Green shies away from discussing the childhood accident that led doctors to amputate half of his right ring finger. He claims not to remember when it happened — maybe when he was 8, maybe a couple of years earlier.

He caught the finger on a nail protruding from a wall and ripped it. He spent three days in the hospital recovering from the surgery. Then Green, who is righthanded, went through physical therapy, learning how to compensate for the loss.

These days, he keeps the half finger tucked close to his palm when not playing basketball, signing autographs, or removing the crust from a ham and cheese sandwich as he did during lunch last week at the Celtics facility.

”It ain’t like stitches,” said Green. ”I can tell you that. You don’t just get it removed and go about your business.”

It was not until after the amputation that Green became serious about basketball, so he knows only the feel of shooting with 3 1/2 fingers. With an average of 33.0 points per game as a high school senior at Gulf Shores Academy in Houston, he clearly wasn’t hampered by the abnormality. And when Green officially starts his NBA career at training camp in two weeks, it will not be a concern.

Clips from Dunk Contest

Dwight’s Sticker Dunk

here’s a few of the classic dunks that Gerald has done over the years…

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