Good News & Bad News

The good news is that my car wasn’t stolen… Thank God for that

The bad news is that it was towed.

Why was it towed you ask? Well, it seems as though the homeowner’s association in my neighborhood does not know how to communicate things properly to their residents. Now I have one space assigned in front of my house and the spaces in between the assigned spaces are totally blank. Also we have designated areas where the word VISITOR is painted in the parking space. Since it’s me and my younger cousin at the crib, we have a total of two cars. We both look out for one another and the first one home always takes one of the BLANK spaces, so the other has the space assigned to the house. Now we’ve both been parking in those BLANK spaces for sometime now without an issue. Apparently according to some regulation that we were not advised of, anyone parking in a blank space without having a valid permit is subject to be towed. That’s what happened. Those jokers towed me because I didn’t have some stupid permit that I had never even heard about. Now, I’ve had folks come over the crib and chill once in a while, my fiancé sometimes spends the night and we’ve never had a problem with anyone parking in one of the BLANK spaces. For some reason last night they decided to enforce this stupid regulation and off went my ride.

Now you know the first thing I thought this morning was that it was stolen. I had a similar incident occur almost 3 years ago when my car actually was stolen and found stripped in SE DC. So of course I was angry this morning. So after calling the police and verifying that it had indeed been towed, I was relieved but heated!!!! However I had to wait until 9am for the HOA to open to voice my displeasure with the situation. Furthermore, the towing company was exactly 36 miles from my house and they told me I needed a ‘pretty penny’ to get my car back. I wasn’t about to catch a cab that far, so I waiting a few hours for Ma to come scoop me up. I tell ya, even when times are bad, Ma is always there. *big smile*

In the meantime I called and spoke with the HOA about the situation and they apologized for the inconvenience, the error in not advising us of the parking regulations and promised to reimburse me once I retrieved my car. Maaaaaaaaaan… I didn’t know whether to shout at them for the incident in itself or be happy that I knew that I was not in the wrong. I went and got my car from the towing spot and shortly thereafter I paid a visit to the HOA office to get the 2 permits required for the parking lot. The lady was kind and again, very apologetic. I was still kinda pissed off and she couldn’t get a smile out of me this morning though. I did the paperwork, got the stickers and hit the Beltway.

Anyway, I’m just sitting here at work. Of course the folks here wanna know what happened cuz the first thing I did this morning was to call my boss and say “they got me again maaaan”. I had to go though a rack of changes to get here, but I’m here nonetheless. I suppose I should stop being angry and just be thankful that it wasn’t worse.

8 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News”

  1. Eh-Yo! Ain’t the HOA a bitch?!

    Couple of years ago I bought a 35 ft. flag pole and had it put in my BACK yard. I live on a hillside so the President of the HOA noticed my new purchase. Next day I get a “notice” from the “Architectural Committee” telling me I didn’t get a permit for a flagpole so now I owe them 55 bucks for the “violation”.

    Next HOA meeting I rolled up in the joint hard. Did my “What da fuck! Terry Marine can’t have an American Flag in his yard? You bunch of Commie Bastards!”

    They backed down. – Left me and my flag pole alone. Sometimes these HOA get down right TOO authoritarian.

  2. Boy am I glad I don’t live within a HOA cause a chick like me would be violation all the damn time. I, fortunately live in a nice quiet neighborhood with plenty of parking space and the only thing I have to pay is my mortgage and taxes. I’d have lost it if they took me through that drama. But the blessing is, at least it was towed and not stolen.

  3. Glad everything’s okay with your car. But man, I know… HOAs are the WORST communicators in the world – or “non” communicators… I had a run-in with them concerning a yard sale. An F-ing yard sale!

    Anyway. You cheer up, GMo and try to have a good rest of the week. Well, now you will since everything worked out fine.

  4. Same thing happened to me and I posted about it. Only no one reimbursed me…I got nothing but grief. Yeah your situation could of been way worse so considered yourself blessed…for real!

  5. Dag on shame pay all that money every month and they don’t even tell you all the rules and regulations…now ain’t that some shyt! But at least it really wasn’t stolen AND you got it back…Moms is always right on time!

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