Happy 22nd Birthday Lil’ Sis

Hey sis, it took me a minute to get these pics aiight. Hell, I had to download the entire episode of The Wire just to be able to still the frames and make the pics. Yeah, it might be kinda small but I can still see you in the background with the pink shirt on in the first pic. Then in the second pic, (as the courtroom photographer) you’re right in the middle of the screen walking towards the front of the room. Hey that was your breakthrough and I was gonna do anything in my power to capture those shots that you were in. Since that was your first taste of ‘the industry’, I wanted to know that I was proud of your for getting that gig on the first episode of HBO’s The Wire last season. I look forward to seeing you more involved in TV, film or theatrical stuff in the future. I know that I may not give you a great deal of encouragement when it comes to you desire to go to Hollywood. It’s far from discouragement however, i just don’t want to see you get focused on things that are difficult to attain. As your BIG BROTHER, I feel that it’s best to keep it real about my experiences in the industry.

Anyway, I’m sitting here reminiscing on just how fast time has passed by. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was watching you in a school play or one of those gymnastics performances. You’ve always had the talents and abilities that I didn’t have. You know I don’t like the spotlight or wish to be onstage, but you seem to thrive in it. You betta believe that I’ll be sitting front and center when you’re in The Wiz this upcoming fall. I mean, I did give you the info on the casting call and you took advantage of the opportunity. That’s the kinda stuff I’m talking about. Your ambition is amazing to me!!! Your dedication to keeping that family together has been nothing short of incredible. We both know that the road has not been easy, but you’ve never given up. You have 3 beautiful daughters and they are blessed to have you in their lives. You give so much of yourself to ensuring that they are well taken care of. How you manage to go to school during the day, work in the afternoon and still be there for them as much as you are is a testiment to you as a great mother. Of course, having BIG BROTHER aka UNCLE GREG around to assist and entertain the girls once in a while doesn’t hurt now does it???

Being that I’m 10+ plus years older than you of course means that I have more knowledge right? I suppose that why you’re always calling me for advice huh? lol. Okay, I’m just messin’ wit’cha. Continue to stay focused on the things that you wanna do in life and they’ll all come to you and pay off in the end. You didn’t get to where you are today by giving up. Maybe one day you’ll be able to look at me and say “I told you so” as we both look up at the marquee and see your name in bright lights. You know that I’ll continue to mention casting calls and opportunites that are out there in hope that it’ll bring on something big. Lord knows that BIG BROTHER could use some extra funds for all those ice cream cones and sweets bought for you over the years. Anyway, I know it goes without saying but, I love ya baby sis… have a wonderful birthday!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 22nd Birthday Lil’ Sis”

  1. Wow Greg – that was so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. It is so evident how much you love family–your brother and sister and nieces, and of course, your mom.

    I love you.


  2. I googled “crooked pinkies” and came across your blog. I too have very crooked pinkies, and so does my 7 week old baby. I would upload a digital photo of our hands and post them to you but I don’t think I can add a picture to this post. My dad’s name is Jimmy Johnson, I have not seen him in a while, since he left Toppenish Washington in ’83, we could be related (he was an army recruiter) Do you know if this birth defect is more prevalent in black people?


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