Happy 23rd Birthday Lil’ Brother

Now, don’t get mad at me cuz I dug up that old pic of you standing on the wall profiling in junior high. You were cool then and you’re still cool now. I’m sitting here somewhat in disbelief how much you’ve grown up. Since you’ve been away at school, I only see ya ere’ couple of months and then a few weeks in the summertime. I always knew that you were gonna end up being on the path to be a lawyer cuz you always had to (well… you still do) have the last word. You’ve mellowed out a lot since those ‘argumentative days’, but you still haven’t changed much maaaaaan. But ya know, I’m proud of you cuz you stick by your beliefs no matter how ridiculous they are. I catch myself laughing when I think back to some of the things we’ve discussed recently. I hope that the insight and advice that I’ve given you over the years has been beneficial to you in some way.

The fact that I’m almost a full 10 years older than you, should serve notice that I’m much wiser than you and that everything that I say is the gospel truth aiiight!!!!???? You don’t go to the barbershop do you? That’s cuz you learned to cut your own hair and who is it that taught you those skills??? The BIG BROTHER who’s been cuttin’ his own hair since ’88. Now goin’ back to those high school days of yours. You didn’t just happen to start selling candy and sodas on your own now did you? You had to get a ride to Price Club to pick up those items right? Do you know that BIG BROTHER used to ride his bike to the bakery thrift store and buy ‘discounted’ pastries and then sell the donuts, honey buns, pies & cupcakes in the gym the next morning? They used to call me the ‘Stale Pie Man’ in high school. You’ve got a boomin’ system in your ride and think it’s on point huh? Try driving a ’72 sky blue Volvo stationwagon fully equipped with the best soundsystem that money could buy. I had a Sanyo radio with knobs… no digital, a Radio Shack amplified equalizer and two house speakers in the back. I was pumpin’ Big Daddy Kane and EPMD back in dem days… wha’chu know about that!!!??? You got the nerve to laugh at my old school rap. That’s aiight though chump!!!! Oh yeah, one mo’ thing. Your Playstation 2 Grand Turismo aint got nothin’ on my Atari 2600 Pole Position!!!!

Sike!!!! But fa real though, I’m just messin’ wit’cha a lil’ bit. Continue to stay focused in your studies and know that all that work you’re putting in will definitely pay off in the end. You’re gonna be one hell of an attorney and hopefully I won’t be needing your services anytime in the future. I know it goes without saying, but I love ya maaaan. Since you like to clown my favorite sign-off phrase, I’m gonna leave it here for ya to clown me about it some more…

PEACE & LOVE… PEACE & LOVE… and more… PEACE & LOVE… ha ha!!!