Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Now I realize the chance of my pops seeing this is slim to none. He doesn’t own a computer, a cell phone, a pager, a cordless home phone or anything that would be considered high tech or low tech for that matter. If he has even surfed the internet in his life I’d be surprised. But that’s my pops and I still love him even if he’s still stuck in the 80’s… lol. So, if anybody in the Charlotte, NC area spots this brotha at the Charlotte Coliseum working the Bobcats game, holla at him. Say “Hey Gene“. Tell him that he needs to jump on a computer and go to my site (if he even knows what the web address is) cuz his son is tryna send him a lil’ somethin’ special. Today I went through the photo albums and pulled some of my favorite pics of us together and here they are.

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Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

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  1. The pics of you and your Dad are beautiful.From birth to graduation those pictures represent a Black man being there for his son and you just can’t beat that.

    Happy B-Day to your Dad!

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