Hold up… my man Jesse is alive

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Jesse and Angie 101

I’m sitting here flicking through channels and come up on ABC’s All my Children. Now I used to watch the hell out of AMC back in the 80’s. I mean, I used to record episodes on my VHS when in HS and watch them either when I got home or in a marathon on the weekend. So anyway as I’m chillin’ here, I took a quick glance at the screen and I see Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams) and Angie Baxter (Debbi Morgan). I’m saying to myself… hold up, I saw Jesse get shot and killed in ’88.

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Keep in mind when I was younger I didn’t see too many Black folks on the Soaps. So back then, I always enjoyed seeing characters of color on the screen. I think I followed the saga of Jesse and Angie for at least 7 years. Everything from them getting married on a few occasions to Jesse’s confrontations with his half brother to his dealings with Yvonne Caldwell to Angie’s father Les and the black market baby scame where he ends up falling to his death down some stairs after he and Jesse struggle to Angie becoming a nurse and Jesse a cop, I watched it all. Thanks Ma. Those days of my mom working at Howard U, sitting in her office in the CB Powell building, listening to the TV shows on radio or having the small B&W TV had me addicted. It made no sense for me to be watching Soaps as much as I did back then. I still remember Debbie Morgan being in the Cameo video Attack Me With Your Love in ’85.

Anyway, I had to jump online to see what the deal is for 2008. Evidently, the writers decided to resurrect Jesse Hubbard from the dead. Apparently he came out of hiding cuz Frankie (their son) had some sort of life threatening illness. It’s all on the Wikipedia page, so I won’t post it all in here. But still, that’s crazy. I’ve looked at a few articles and checked out the AMC website and the whole thing is still wild to me. I mean, I remember women literally crying out loud when Jesse got killed. I wonder how many of them are at the grocery store counter buying daytime soap magazines again. I mean on the real, I know a couple of my boyz who used to be all in the Soaps too. From AMC to One Life To Live to General Hospital. I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one watching them.

I did a quick YouTube search and came up with this clip from the episode when they reunited.

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Anyway, I know somebody who reads my blog used to be a AMC fan. Futhermore, I know that at least one person out there used to watch the saga of Jesse and Angie like I did back in the days. Go ahead and reveal yourself. I need to feel like someone out there understands me today. Someone else who’s sitting there saying “Jesse is alive???” too.



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  1. yes Ryan’s Hope, AMC, One Life to Live & then General Hospital.. ahhh the days!!!

    I was wondering HOW he came back alive!!! LOL I mean I turned on the dvr and said.. WTFudge??? LOL thanks for clearing that up for me!

  2. MAAAAN I love me some Debbi Morgan too! I think she is SO BEAUTIFUL and a GREAT actress!!!

    Sorr i dont watch the story so…i dont know about Jesse…LOL

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