How Bout Dem Cowboys

Yeaaaaah baby!!!!! My ‘boys did their thing yesterday against the Chargers. It was a hard fought victory, but they got the job done. The defense stepped it up when they needed to on that last series. This was after giving up that 33 yard pass on 4th down that had in my the house cussin’ out loud. My squad looked real good on both sides of the ball. When Bledsoe had time to throw, he was dead on target. All of the receivers looked good. Keyshawn had 2 TD’s, Crayton has a TD and some big time catches, and Glenn made some big plays as well.

What else can you say about Julius Jones??? The boy is a beast!!!! He’s picking up where he left on last season. It’s surprising to a lotta folks that he’s really that good. I still recall a bunch of newspapers and TV analysts criticizing Parcells for not drafting Steven Jackson in last years draft. Obviously, Bill knew what he was doing. In this years draft he picked up another big time player in DeMarcus Ware. Talk about a monster on defense. With the 3-4 D that the ‘Boys are playing, teams better not sleep on em. Signing Anthony Henry has already paid off in the first game. That guy was making plays left and right yesterday. Of course, you knew that Roy Williams was gonna do his thing and he was crushing chumps yesterday. Although they came close to letting the game slip through their grasp, they held strong. I’m just glad they got the W. – Official Website of the Dallas Cowboys