“I Beat To My Own Beat”

You can thank Mr. Terrell Owens for inspiring my latest creation. A web page, soon to be website with the domain name I Beat To My Own Beat Dot Com. Yeah, I had a little bit too much time on my hands last night and what!!!??? I thought about that stupid phrase for 3 days and the bright light came on when I was driving home that I might be able to register it. Did you think for a sec that I wasn’t gonna scoop up the domain name off GoDaddy? I’mma full time hustler and on the grind regularly. Gotta find ways to make that cake. Maybe I’ll put some effort into the site. Maybe I’ll add some guest writers and columns and what not. Who knows. Buffalo Bills fans if you’re out there, hit me up. Folks who got $$$ who want the domain, hit me up. I’m out.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

2 thoughts on ““I Beat To My Own Beat””

  1. I ain’t mad. My hubby told me folks do that sh*t ALL the time. So if your a big company who wants a website named after your company, but that name is already taken – guess what? You gotta pay!

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