I Have A Confession

This past weekend I did something that I promised myself that I’d never tell anyone. It’s a secret that I’ve held for quite some time and one that kind of made me feel funny on occasion. For years and years I sat and listened to people talk about this, but I never experienced it for myself. In fact, it’s been 20 years since I first heard about this. A whole 20 years!!! I can’t believe it’s been since 1985. Saturday afternoon I was at home and I didn’t have anything to do, so I figured that I’d watch a movie. Now I have hundreds of DVD’s and most of them are old school movies or Blaxploitation joints. I do have an assortment of recent movies, but I tend not to buy movies that have been released within the past 5 years. I looked on the shelf of my entertainment center and saw the DVD case of a movie that I knew I had to see. This movie was one that I just had never taken the time to sit down and watch.

It was The Color Purple.

Now, there’s not really a reason for me not ever watching it, except for the fact that I never took the time to watch it. I didn’t see it in the theatre, never watched it on cable and never once was interested in seeing it during the times when it aired on regular television. Last year I told a friend that I had never seen the movie and got a very evil look from her. I then went out to Best Buy and purchased the 2 disc special edition on DVD. Somehow over the past year, this DVD just sat on the shelf along with a bunch of others that still remain in plastic. See, I have a habit of buying movies and never watching them. There’s probably close to 20 movies that I’ve had over a year that I’ve never watched. I tend to watch the same movies over and over and over again. But this Saturday afternoon, I sat down and watched The Color Purple. It was a good movie, but I suppose that I expected too much from it. Hearing folks talk about for years and years I suppose raised my expectations. I was finally happy to figure out who Harpo was though. When people used to holler out “Harpo”, I had to act like I knew what they were talkin’ about. I knew it had something to do with the movie, but that’s all I knew. I was always quiet when discussions of The Color Purple came about. Hell, I didn’t even know that Danny Glover was in the movie. Now that I’ve seen it, I can sit here and talk about Mister and Celie and Nettie and Sophia and of course Harpo. I’ve felt sort of ashamed of the fact that everyone had seen it but me, but what can I say? I wasn’t bout to broadcast it to the world. Well… I guess that’s what I’m doing now. Although it took me 20 years to do so…
I saw it. I saw The Color Purple!!!

4 thoughts on “I Have A Confession”

  1. Good! No you can hold your head up high and say you saw the movie!

    I remember I finally got my ex-boyfriend to watch it and it really enjoyed it – even cried (shhh!)

    About dang time!! It is pure classic and will always be referenced or talked about in the black community. You can now check that off your list!

    I really need to back that on DVD.


  2. That’s the best movie that I ever seen. That is something that I personally think everyone should watch.

    Glad that you finally got to see it and now you dont have to be left out.

  3. Don’t forget to tell people that it was you ex girlfriend that cracked on you and I was the reason why you bought it.

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