I love my Black folks but…

…lemme vent for a sec.

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Ere’body in the world knows I sell tickets. I sell tickets for pretty much any event you might wanna attend. I got concerts, NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, PGA golf, plays, comedy clubs, etc. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. I’ve built up my network to the point where I can get the best seat in the house for pretty much whatever you wanna go to. But why is it that ere’body thinks hook-ups mean FREE or a huge discounted price!!!???

If the ticket brokers are selling tickets for Beyonce for $500, I make sure I’m just under them. That doesn’t mean I’m sellin’ my tickets for $100 folks. Redskins opening game is coming up. You’d be lucky to find a pair of GOOD seats in the lower level for under $500/pair. I sell mine at $400/pair. That’s more than fair. If you think I’m high, check StubHub & eBay. Tellin’ me that you can find a better deal elsewhere means nothing to me. That’s the oldest trick in the book. If there’s a better price out there, why deal with me? Hell, tell me where that deal is and I’ll buy em myself and re-sell em.

If the prices are too high, then sit at home and watch the DVD of your favorite artist. If sports is your thing and the tickets out of your price range. I invite you to sit on the couch with some chips and a cold beer to enjoy the game. I haven’t been doing this for as long as I have by giving stuff away. Sob stories about special gifts for family and friends don’t phase me. Tell your son that mommy can’t afford to take him to see Lebron James right now and then by him a Cavs jersey or NBA Live to play. Comcast and Direct TV can still be your friend. Either you have the loot or you don’t.

Now some may argue that this doesn’t only apply to Black folks. Well, I can only tell you my experiences.

Non-Black folks hook-up = “Hey, can you put me at the 50 yard line… I’ll pay whatever it takes if you got those seats”

Black folks hook-up = “Hey, can I get a deal… I mean, a discount… I mean, are the tickets really that much?… C’mon man look out for me, my uncle really likes the Redskins”

Got what I’m sayin’????? Black folks always wanna nickel and dime a brotha.

Folks out there who’ve done business with me, know I’m legit and have enjoyed the event that you attended, I appreciate your patronage.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

5 thoughts on “I love my Black folks but…”

  1. LOL.. I know they always trying to get you!!!

    but I won’t.. cause you know I know the deal!!!

    speaking of which.. lemme holla at you on email!

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