Is CNN going Fox News on us???

….is this the first person they had to interview following Hillary’s incredible speech??? Thank you Anne Price Mills. All emotional and crying and what not. Yes, she has a right to her opinion. But did she not hear Hillary’s speech? Does she not see the positive movement behind Barack Obama? In my opinion she’s just blind. I feel sorry for her.

*shakes head*

I have no more words.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

5 thoughts on “Is CNN going Fox News on us???”

  1. i have a co-worker who is totally blind behind it all because she wanted what she wanted period the end…she is angry and bitter

  2. I was watching this while I was on vacay in the Caribbean and couldn’t wait to get back online to see if anyone else was as disgusted by this woman as I was? Give me a break! She talks about the importance of the right to vote, yet in the next breath says she might not vote. I mean what has Obama done to her personally?! Did she even listen to Hil’s speech…(whether she had her fingers crossed behind the podium or not is irrelevant..LOL!) Is she about the issues or is she about Hil? Essentially, Barack and Hil agree on the the direction this country should take.

    She will probably vote for Cotton Hill McCain now that he has a woman on the ballot. Never mind that woman wants to set us back hundreds of years and drive this country off the map.

    Let me get off my soap box. As you can tell, she irritated the HELL out of me.

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