I’ve won a ‘few’ radio prizes in my day

Back in the days I was the king at winning stuff off the radio. I was unstoppable!!!! I mean, if the radio station was giving it away, chances were that I was gonna find some way to get that prize. Now back then we had two phones in the house, one cordless and one attached to the wall in the kitchen. Every morning before I went to school, I knew that one of the local stations in DC was gonna be giving something away. Sometimes, I would put off eating breakfast until the opportunity came to grab those phones. Hell, I even used to skip school to win stuff off the radio.

When I was younger, I used to win so much that I had a list of all my friends names and SS #’s so I could win more than once a month. Then whoever’s name I used would just split the prize with me. Folks used to accuse me of cheating or ‘having a system’ to be able to get through and win, but it was nothing but sheer determination. It got to the point where the receptionists at each station would recognize me and they’d look in their files to make sure I hadn’t won within 30 day. C’mon now… I was much smarter than that, that’s why I had the list of all my friends, that way I could win whenever I wanted to.

I’ve won more than $30,000 of cash and prizes from DC/MD radio stations including:

-$6000 Mink Coat – 1989 – (WHUR-Washington DC)

-$700 cash – 1990 – (WPGC-Washington DC)

-All expenses paid trip for 2 to American Music Awards in LA – 1992 – (V103-Baltimore)

-$963 cash – 1993 – (WHUR-Washington DC)

-3 CD players – different stations

-2 TV’s – different stations

-lots of gift certificates: from $25 to $500 for Kay Jewelers, Toys R Us, Fredericks of Hollywood, Blockbuster Video, Nobody Beats The Wiz, a handful of restaurants.

-tix for a variety of events: Prince, Washington Bullets, Luther Vandross & Anita Baker, Kings of Comedy, Patti Labelle, Bill Cosby, Tyson-Spinks fight, Budweiser Superfest (front row), WWF Wrestling, Public Enemy, Das Efx… that’s all I can remember right now…

I used to tape record myself each time I won on the radio and I was able to compress each file and burn it to a CD… the joint is 45 minutes long!!!!

Here’s a few of em though that I encoded as MP3’s…

Y’all betta not laugh!!!!!

(click file to listen)

Won $963 cash for being 963rd caller on WHUR in 1993

Won tix to American Music Awards in LA playing Mystery Mix game on V103 in 1992

Won $700 cash playing Mystery Mix on WPGC in 1990

Won $100 cash for playing Tongue Twister on WPGC in 1989

Won Wrestling Tix for playing Quiz Game on WPGC in 1988

Won Stroh’s gift pack for playing Sports Trivia on v103 in 1986

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