Last time you drank some Kool-Aid?

So I’m sitting here in the office, kinda reflecting back on Sunday night. The wife and I made a late run to the Safeway to pick up a few items needed for dinner. We went thought a few aisles and scooped up things that we really needed. After about 10 minutes in the store, we came up on the aisle where those powdered Crystal Light packets are. In my mind, I just knew she was about to buy another box of some crazy flavor to stick in those 16oz bottles of spring water. All of a sudden she bellowed out “Hey… let’s make some Kool-Aid”.

Now, I was kind of startled for a a sec. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had some Kool-Aid before that day. In the years that her and I had been together, neither of us ever made any. C’mon now… even I think to myself now that it’s literally impossible to go years without drinking some RED Kool-Aid. I mean, how does one go from growing up on this stuff to just abstaining from the sugary sweetness required on a hot summer day. Guess we’ve been drinking a lot of teas and lemonades I suppose. Anyway, you should’ve seen us both in the aisle acting like big kids grabbing packets left and right of our favorite flavors. It was a funny moment that if anyone was watching, they would’ve thought we were seriously crazy.

So fast forward to dinner. I’ve got the food on the table and ready to eat. She’s upstairs doing something with her hair, but has a kettle on the stove with boiling hot water in it. Eventually after a few hollers of “Baby… c’mon now”, she came back down to the kitchen. I stood there and watched her pour in the hot water, mix it up with the sugar, the Black Cherry flavored Kool-Aid and a rack of ice in the pitcher. Now folks have advised me in the past that this is something only witnessed in prison, I dunno about that. Wifey says that her mom taught her that trick. I guess it’s to dissolve the sugar faster. So, we sat down to eat and said grace. I took a sip of the Kool-Aid and almost choked from sugar shock. I was like “Good lawd… you tryna give me Diabetes!!!???”… I had to walk back into the kitchen and add some more water to it. It was sugary than a mug!!!! Even a sugarholic like myself was having a hard time adjusting to that first glass. After the water was added I was good. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

Anyway, it just makes me reflect on days of old when I used to drink Kool-Aid a lot. I mean, I think in my early 20’s I was still buying a rack of packets and making pitchers almost daily. I don’t really recall when I tailed off though. Anyway, this leads me to ask everyone out there. Do you remember the last time you drank some Kool-Aid? Do you know what flavor it was? If it was cherry, you bet not say it was cherry… it’s called RED folks… RED!!! If you’re a Kool-Aid aficionado, share some tips with a brotha. I think I’m back on this Kool-Aid kick for a sec. My favorite past time was mixing Kool-Aid with Canada Dry ginger ale. Sounds like a plot and a plan for dinner tonight…


G. Mo

10 thoughts on “Last time you drank some Kool-Aid?”

  1. First hearing of someone boiling water for koolaid. Warm koolaid is not the bidness.

    You ever had koolaid that made your teeth hurt? I told my boyfriend, he can never make koolaid again.

    Last time I had koolaid…last week. I use to make koolaid at least once every 2 days. But I had to cut back b/c that was too much sugar for my child. B/c you know if you got some koolaid in the fridge, nothing else matters when it’s time to drink something.

    I like to mix two different flavor of packages. Also add some lemon.

  2. Naw… you got it all wrong. The Kool-Aid wasn’t warm at all. A rack of of ice was added to the mixture to get it right.

  3. I havent had kool-aid since I left my mama house… so that was in HS… truly a shame though… orange used to be my fav until strawberry kiwi came out… OMG that was the business

  4. Funny you should post this..just yesterday my man and I were at the movies, when he asked what was in the fountain drinks…KOOL-AID!!! We had grape…And I havent had Kool-Aid in YEARS, like 10-15.
    We added a bit of sprite to ours yesterday just to pep it up a bit..he didn’t like it tho.
    I remember in High school kids were dying their hair with kool-aid. Making a paste then letting it sit.

  5. I haven’t had Kool Aid in Decades. My mom was all abou 100% juice growing up (like I am now as a mom). We drank Apple, Orange, Grape and Cranberry Juice.

    I really only had Kool Aid at friend’s houses. I liked the mixture of Lemon and Red.

  6. No I can’t remember the last time I had Koo-Aide and I don’t think I want too. I’m not sure if I can even drink it now. Can you still buy 10 packs for $1. *chuckle*

  7. HA! thats funny…we just bought some kool-aid the other week….and then after making ONE pitcher we ran out of sugar…and you know we bought like 15 packets…

  8. lawd, if my husband don’t be talking about Kool Aid almost every day…

    as if that’s all they had to drink in the projects while he was growing up!

    thank God he ain’t brought none home since we left.

  9. Now, I pretty much only drink juice or water, but moms (and grandma) sill make Kool Aid so when I visit them I’ll drink it. My grandma only makes Red and it’s sweeter than Michael Evans from Good Times. She banned my mom from making Kool Aid in her house cause she don’t make it sweet enough.

  10. ROTFL!!!! @ Tryin’ to give you diabetes! HA!

    I luv mine super sweet too but yours did sound like straight suga!

    Can’t recall the last time I had Kool-aid either, but I must have GRAPE! Adding sprite or ginger ale is all good!

    But remember the Kool-aid ice cubes or wait for it……ice cream FLOATS!! The best!! :oD

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