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For the last several months, I’ve contemplated a retirement from blogging. I actually pre-wrote and entry entitled ‘Grand Finale’, but never published it. Then again, how does one retire from blogging? I mean, it’s not a job or something I’ve done for a long time for income. The thing is, I still have the passion to write. I remember writing in my first journal in the 3rd grade and have been writing ever since. However, the time and energy devoted to posting regularly doesn’t allow me to really write online as much as I’d like to.

I started my first weblog on Thu Mar 11, 2004. It wasn’t on Blogger or my own website. It was on a messageboard forum that had a thread for those who wished to blog. If you’re one of those SOHH or EBL folks, you’ve seen a lot of growth in a brotha that has changed in so many ways over the years. I talked about a lot of crazy stuff back then. To be honest, my life was kinda unstable at that time in so many ways. I look back on those entries and reflect on how far I’ve come in just a shade of 5 years. Writing is therapeutic. I love it. As a kid it helped me deal with issues and drama in my life. In a way it helped me express my emotions.

When discussing my desire to stop writing online, I was met with more folks against it than I could believe. I mean, do folks really read stuff I write? I was kinda surprised. Then again, I recall some very personal entries that I shared with the world that touched people. The one that stands out the most is the reflections of my best friend I penned entitled Tribute To A True Friend where I discussed his suicide in ’95 and the effect it had upon me. That might’ve been the most difficult one to share. That was a very traumatic event in my life and I never liked to talk about it a lot. However I received hundreds of emails afterwards. Some from folks who also lost close friends and family to suicide. Some emails from those who felt down on their own lives who contemplated suicide and somehow came across my entry which made them re-think taking their own lives. I’m still astonished at the random emails I get til this day where someone will just say “thanks” for sharing your pain about your friend and what you went through.

The other entry that was written is more of a funny one where I discuss having crooked pinky fingers entitled Crooked with the fact that I had no clue that there was even a medical term for it called Clinodactyly. I swear I’ve gotten at least an email a week from someone who probably happened to Google the phrases ‘crooked fingers’, ‘crooked pinky’ or ‘curved pinkies’ and came upon my site. It’s cool to know there are so many other folks out here who share the same oddity that I do and it kind of makes us the ‘crooked’ family so to speak. I mean, I get emails from all over the world. Hell, there’s even a Facebook group for folks with crooked fingers.

So through the encouragement from family, friends & random emails from folks who were touched in some way by words that were penned, I’ve decided to continue. I’ll do my best to at least give an update a week, but no promises. A brotha is extremely busy these days. But since I’ve been absent for quite a while, I do have some exciting news to share and opinions to express about what’s been going on in the world these days. I suppose I can’t ride into the sunset without tipping my hat with a smile.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

5 thoughts on “Let’s keep the party going…”

  1. I don't comment often but I love reading your blog! I love your affinity for all things Cowboys too!! Shoot I even copied down your recipe for sweet potato pie, it was good man!

  2. Hey Greg, I love your writing. It helps me to know you even better. One of my favorites is "Mama Used to Sing!" All those memories came flooding, days with just you and me. I was happy and carefree back then and ME. Keep writing. I know that somewhere down the road you'll write a book! (Ma)

  3. G Mo.!!!

    I may not swing thru often or on a regular to comment, BUT I do read all of your entries ;o)

    I remember stumbling across your earlier blogging on EBL and was so moved at how open you were and showing your pain. Been hooked ever since even when you decided to change how much you shared.

    It has been a blessing just to see how much you have changed for the better! And you truly touch more people than you'll ever know.

    So I am very glad you kept blogging not only for us, but like you said for yourself!!

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