Love vs Hate

It’s that time again. At least two games per season the wife and I are directly at odds with one another. Now don’t get it twisted, we love each other as husband and wife. But this love/hate thing with regards to our respective football squads is true to life. I hate the Redskins and she dislikes the Cowboys. I say dislikes, cuz I don’t think her level is one of hate as is mine. Each week we sit and root against each other’s team. It doesn’t matter who they’re playing. We cheer and pump our fists when the other team loses or laugh when they make a bad play on the field. It’s deep seeded within each of us. We approach a time when our teams play one on one versus the other. This is what it’s all about. We’ll hug about 5 minutes before the game starts and from there the ice grillin’, scowls and trash talk begins.

We’re now entering the 4th football season since we began dating and we’ve never missed a Redskins-Cowboys game together. We’ve either been in front of the TV or there live. I keep trying to tell folks that my wife is a trooper. She loves football as much as I do. It’s a perfect complement to a relationship. Two of those Redskins-Cowboys games over the course of the past 3 seasons we attended at FedEx Field. On both of those occasions, the Redskins won. Thus, she has the upper hand. Nothing is worse for me than having her gloat in my face that the times we went to the games to see the rivalry, her team came out victorious. Plus, I can admit to being a big baby when the Cowboys lose to those bums and sometimes zoning out for a few hours without uttering a single word.

I’m looking for some good karma this go round. We’re flipping the script this weekend. We’re headed to Big D for the game. This is the last Redskins-Cowboys game at Texas Stadium and you know I did everything in my power to facilitate this trip. Being that this is also our anniversary weekend, we’ll do some other cool things while in Dallas as well. Best believe I’ll have a ton if pics when we return…. hopefully with a Cowboys victory!

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

4 thoughts on “Love vs Hate”

  1. When are you gonna learn? The wives are ALWAYS right. LMAO!!!

    YAY Redskins (until we play em!)

    Who’s in frst place now? Uh….that would be the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS!

  2. ROTFLMAO hahahaaaaa Sixty got it.. dem GIANTS are #1

    Now G.. I know that was a LONG ass ride home.. whew.. and knowing how your wife gets down with sports.. this will be a rough week.. don’t revert to the sweets bruh.. stay strong!!! LOL

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