March Madness

Aiiight, we’re down to the Sweet Sixteen and the 4 teams I picked to make it to the Final Four are all still alive. Those teams would be Duke, UCLA, Boston College and UCONN. Now of course you’ve gotta know that I’ve got money on this. Hell, I’m in 4 separate pools. Two of them are for big money though. When I say big money I’m talkin’ bout over $2000. One pool is around $3800 and the other is close to $2500. Looking at the current standings right now in both of those brackets, I still have a shot at taking home some cash. The chance of me getting the grand prize is almost impossible, but if the results from the games tonight and the rest of the weekend go my way, then I’ll still have a shot.

Last year I came in 3rd place and won enough loot to pay my car insurance, my Verizon cell phone bill and cop a pair of Jordans. I could use another bonus offering like that this year as well. Last year I was dead on with Carolina and Illinois in the final and I had the Tarheels taking home the title. This year I’ve got UCONN and UCLA in the final, with UCONN taking home the trophy. All of my brackets are the same. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out “ifs” “ands” or “buts” with regards to match-ups and games. I grab the sheets, make my picks and that’s it. There have been a number of surprises this tournament including George Mason and Georgetown. Now I had to talk about these teams because I didn’t have faith in either one of them. I had GM going home Friday night to Michigan St. and GT going home Sunday to Ohio St. Yes, I was wrong. So now I’ve gotta root for the home teams. Then again, I was cheering for them all along. I just didn’t think that they were going to advance to the Sweet 16 when it came down to my money.

Anyway, from tonight through Sunday evening I’m gonna kick my feet up, grab a drink and some snacks and watch some basketball. I could if I really wanted to get some tickets for the regional games here at Verizon Center. But I’m not in the hustlin’ mood for some reason. I just feel like relaxin’. I don’t feel like being outside tryna scalp… ooooops, I mean sell tickets. I’ve got hook-ups and they’ll take care of me for tickets. But it’s unseasonably cold in the D.C. area right now and I just wanna lay in bed and chill.