Mementos For The Occasion

They didn’t come easy though. Bruh man was out here grindin’ fa real. I did a good amount of standing in lines, driving at various locations and all that. But it was well worth it. I got a ‘few’ Washington Post Special Editions, 2 copies each of the NY Times, The Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today, a single copy of Time Magazine and a few other magazines with Barack Obama on the cover that will go in the treasure chest. This is history and I needed a piece or pieces as you may see. A lot of those are going to family and friends who weren’t as lucky to get them however.

Hell, I’ve got a ton of sports memorabilia dating back to ’78. I’m talkin’ autographs for days, magazines with Bird and Magic on them, the issue of SI when Len Bias died, an Inside Sports with Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns, a SI when the UMD Terps won the NCAA title and a rack of other stuff I’d have to do an inventory of. There’s even a few Ebony, Jet or Source magazines scattered in there for artists who passed or special events. Those were the only things worth having in the archives until now for the most part. But now, we got Barack Obama coming to the White House. That’s something you want to have newspapers and magazines for to look at later on in life. Now, I’ve just got to buy a vacuum sealer, so I can preserve them all.

EDIT: 10:33PM Friday night… while doing some grocery shopping at my local Safeway , I heard some folks in the next aisle talking about how shocked they were that they had found them… when I walked over to the aisle, I discovered that ‘them’ pertained to special issues of People, Newsweek and Time… so I figured “what the hell” and bought some more…

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

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