My head is killin’ me!!!! I mean my head is really killin’ me!!!! It’s been a hell of a day, but there’s no reason in the world for my temples to be pounding like this. It seems like every other day I’m getting more intense headaches. Normally I get them first thing in the morning though and not right before I go to bed. I’ve got this prescription Imitrex nasal spray that I use occasionally, but after using it I always have a bad aftertaste in my mouth and so I try to only use it when I feel the aura of a migraine coming. It rarely helps to take it once the headache itself has arrived. So I go to my main source of relief, Excedrin. I think I go through a bottle of 50 Excedrin pills in about 8-10 weeks. I usually take two, but tonight I think that I’mma take three of em cuz this one is a real painful one. If I don’t take them then I’m not gonna be able to go to sleep til after 2am or so. it’s hard enough trying to look at this computer monitor or even the TV for that matter.

I’ve been dealing with these stupid headaches since I was about 14 if I can recall. Over the course of almost 20 years I’ve been given more headache relief prescriptions than I can count. I used to think that the doctors were using me as a guinea pig for experimental migraine drugs. Hell, a lot of the meds that they gave me made the headaches worse. There were days when I wanted to walk back into the doctors office and curse em out. There is however one method that ALWAYS works no matter what. This method was told to me by a nurse at a hospital I once visited for headache problems. This method… putting your feet in ice cold water. Yes, it really works. Generally within 15 minutes of me grabbing a foot soak basin and filling it with ice water, I tend to feel much better and the tension is relieved. I suppose that the cold water gives the body some kinda shock or somethin’, I dunno.

But tonight I can’t be laying across the bed with my feet hanging over the edge in some cold water. I’mma have to try to grin and bear this one.

*pops a ‘few’ Excedrin pills*

Peace… and Good Night………..

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