Monster HDMI cables vs el cheapo HDMI cables

Listen folks. Most of y’all know that I’ve worked in AV and multimedia for years now. One thing I felt the need to address was this HDMI cable scam that has folks out here dropping crazy loot. A few of you have gotten caught up in this, so my reason for writing this is so that others don’t get jipped.

Digital is digital is digital. As long as it works, it’s going to work the same. Monster has always preyed upon consumer ignorance, otherwise they wouldn’t survive. Many people are also suckered into buying expensive wires that perform no better than much cheaper alternatives. Let’s say you go to your local electronics store and pick-up a new HD TV set; the salesman desperately wants to sell you those Monster cables because they make a ton of money off them. Monster cables provide an excellent picture, but you can get an alternative which will cost you far less and will look just as good. For example, this 4 foot HDMI cable from Monster which Best Buy sells for $69.99 versus this 4 foot HDMI cable from Monoprice selling for $4.31 which looks just as good. I personally recommend as a place to buy any types of cables and have been using their cabling almost exclusively for the past 3 years or so.

Do not buy overpriced cables!!!! Did you know it costs Monster just about the same amount of money that most of cables at Monoprice cost to make their product? The mark-up is pure profit. If you think it costs them anywhere near $150 to make an HDMI cable, then you’re dreaming! It costs them maybe $5 each at most. They rake in more money then anyone else on their pure profit operation luring unsuspecting average folks into the cable scam every day. It is really sad that so many people fall for their hard pushed sales pitches and glitsy product displays. You are NOT, I repeat, NOT getting a better product buying the “Premium” digital cable. Monster cables do not ever give you a better picture, sound quality, or any other benefits than the cheapest $5 bargain bin HDMI cables. If you don’t get a perfect picture with an HDMI cable, then it is broken – nothing to do with the quality of the cable.

Hope this info was helpful….

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

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  1. It was! And while I didn’t pay $69for my HDMI cables, after reading this, I still think I paid too much. Damn. Good lookin’ out!

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