Saturday, January 16, 2010

Voyage To Jerryworld: Cowboys-Eagles Game

Aiiiight, let me start this off by just saying that I’m long winded. Feel free to go straight to the slideshow & pics I took at the Cowboys-Eagles game and ignore the dialogue. You’ve been warned.

Voyage To Jerryworld: Pic Set

Voyage To Jerryworld: Slideshow

a few of my previous trips

Day in the Life of a True Celtics Fan - NBA Finals Edition

Day in the life of a die hard Celtics fan

Day in the life of a die hard Cowboys fan

Destination – Eagles vs Cowboys Wild Card playoff game
Location – Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX
Time – 8PM EST/7PM CST

Sunday Jan 3, 2010
• Cowboys smashed the Eagles 24-0 taking the NFC East title. This set up a re-match for the Wild Card game at Cowboys Stadium for Sat. Made a few calls to some partners to see who was interested in going to the game in Big D.

Mon Jan 4, 2010 – Tues Jan 5, 2010
• Checked flights from DC, but none were under $459. Hoped to catch an e-saver when they came out on Wed.

Wednesday Jan 6, 2010

• Checked flights in the morning, saw that US Airways had a RT for $211. Booked it. Went back to ticket sites StubHub & NFL TicketExchange and purchased the best single seat available in lower level. Informed the bojangling 'friends' that I was leaving them and going solo since they were shucking & jiving. Made other necessary reservations for rental car & prepaid parking at off stadium location and was ready to roll.

Saturday Jan 9, 2010

• 11:37am - Arrived at DCA airport, parked car at $12 lot and caught shuttle to terminal.
• 12:02pm - Breezed through security, although agents (clearly Redskins fans) harassed me during the entire process. When I got to the gate, it was a sea of blue & silver. At least 30 other Cowboys fans were there already. There were only 2 dudes there with Eagles gear on. They caught hell.
• 12:08pm - Pilot came through and said "Look at all these Dallas cockroaches" and gave five to the 2 Eagles fans.
• 12:44pm - Boarded plane en route to DFW. Sat next to a young girl who reminded me of Peppermint Patty. She paid me no mind while knitting, but she was coughing up a lung. I took cover quickly.
• 1:52pm - Flight attendants served up some cranberry apple juice. That was the perfect complement to some homemade oatmeal cookies I had brought with me.
• 4:20pm - Arrived safely at DFW. It was freezing!!!!! I swear the temps were colder than the weather I had just left in DC. Called wife letting her know I made it safely, stood outside for a sec and caught the Alamo shuttle to their location. Scooped up a nice looking Malibu and was on my way.
• 4:40pm - 5:26pm – Followed the directions via Google Maps on the Blackberry while listening to Jets-Bengals game on radio. Drove to First United Methodist Church where the parking reservation was for, showed them my prepaid $25 receiptd for parking & jumped on their shuttle to stadium.
• 5:41pm – Ahhhhhhhh…. The arrival at Jerryworld!!!!! From the outside, that joint was amazing. I had been past during the construction a year prior, but was amazed at the monstrosity before me now. The excitement was building.
• 5:45pm-7:50pm – Just soaked in the experience. Walked around the stadium, located my seat, gave high fives to random folks, talked trash to Philly fans and took a ton of pics with my DSLR camera. The big screen aka The Jerrytron was dope!!!!
• 7:53pm – Located my seat, said what’s up to folks in and around my row
• 7:58pm - Eagles enter. Chorus of loud booooooooooos…
• 8:00pm - Cowboys arrive. Yesssssir!!!!
• 8:03pm – Ted Nugent performed National Anthem with an electric guitar solo. The joint was tight.
• 8:06pm – Opening Kickoff. Talk about a fever pitch.
• 8:42pm – First strike, Tony Romo to John Phillips with a 1 yd TD pass, Cowboys 7-0
• 8:47pm – Didn't enjoy that TD for too long. Vick hits Maclin on a 76 yd pass. Jenkins fell down. The stadium got suddenly quiet. Eagles fan 3 rows in front starts running his mouth and taunting. Tied 7-7.
• 9:09pm – Cowboys strike back. Tashard Choice with a 1 yr TD run. Cowboys 14-7
• 9:20pm – Eagles fumble on 18. Suisham kicks 25 yd FG. Cowboys 17-7
• 9:30pm – Tony Romo to Miles Austin with a 6 yd TD pass. I holler "Where you at playa???" down to Eagles dude who was popping off at the mouth. He glances back with“Yeaah aiiight, you got it man”. Cowboys 24-7
• 9:48pm – Eagles fumble again. Suisham kicks 48 yd FG. Cowboys 27-7.
• 9:58pm– 10:13 – Halftime. Took more pics, celebrated on the concourse with random fans. Hollered, jumped around and acted like a fool.
• 10:28pm – Definitely the highlight of the night. Felix Jones with a 73 yd TD run. Once he got the ball, he was gone!!! Straight smoked the entire Eagles D. Mayhem broke out in the stands. Cowboys 34-7.
• 10:32pm – Trash talkin’ Eagles dude turned into a punk. Cat actually got up, grabbed his stuff and left from his seat amidst a loud chorus of cheers. No heart. Of course I hollered "Where you going... you leaving us so soon?" in my 'mommy cares' voice.
• 10:51pm – McNabb throws a meaningless 4 yd TD pass to Jackson. Cowboys 34-14
• 11:06pm – Desean Jackson drops back to receive a punt along the goal line. I holler out “Ayyyy Desean… who’s azz is stinging nowwwwwwwww chummmmp!!!”
• 11:34pm – Final: Cowboys 34 Eagles 14. First playoff victory since ’96. Celebration begins. The sounds of Lil’ Flip’s Game Over plays throughout the stadium. When is the last time you heard that joint? LOL….
• 11:37pm - Some random woman came up, stood patiently while I taunted some folks and then asked me if I had a girlfriend. A girlfriend? What is this HS? I flashed the wedding ring, she smiled and kept it movin'.
• 11:40pm-12:31am – Hung around stadium. Took more pics & joked on Eagles folks who were still around . Hollered, high fived, hugged & dapped up every single person I saw who was wearing Cowboys gear.

Sunday Jan 10, 2010

• 12:35am – 12:56am Got outside and couldn’t remember where shuttle was. Walked all the way around stadium. Temps were in low 20’s. Decided to catch cab back to church.
• 1:04am – Arrive back to rental car. Lady from church says “Ohhhh honey, the shuttle is at stadium waiting for you”. I explained to her that I lost my bearings of where I was and just took a cab. Talk about feeling like an idiot.
• 1:10am-2:30am – Drove around & bar hopped with fellow Cowboys fans. Somehow it wasn’t quite like DC. Remember the scene from 48 Hrs when Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) walked into the redneck bar? That’s kinda how I felt.
• 2:38am – Drove to Denny’s for some eats. It was the first time I had eaten since the plane ride to Dallas. No joke, I can’t eat or drink when adrenaline is pumping at Cowboys games. I forget all about hunger or thirst in the energy of the moment. But I tore up that Grand Slam breakfast at 3am. I sat up in that spot for like 90 min with a terrible migraine.
• 4:33am – Had to gas the rental back up. It was deadly cold outside. Temp gauge in car showed 14 degrees. That was crazy for North Texas!!!!
• 4:40am – 5:33am Arrived back at Alamo & took a nap in the warm car.
• 5:38am – Took shuttle from Alamo to terminal. Did the security thing & went to gate for 7am flight back to DC.
• 5:44am – 6:32am– Sat and talked to a few Cowboys fans who had been on the exact same flight with me from DC. A lot of them were just as amped as I was.
• 6:39am – Boarded plane for flight back to the District.
• 7:02am-7:31am – Plane sat on runway, then had to return to have wings de-iced.
• 11:18am - Plane landed at DCA. Called the wife to advise her I was headed home, caught shuttle to the lot where my car was, paid the bill and hit the road.
• 12:21pm – 6 something pm– Arrived back home, watched Patriots-Ravens game and some of Cardinals-Packers game. Crashed!!!
• 2 something am – Woke-up realizing that the crash had taken place. LOL!!!!

The End.................................


G. Mo

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blessed With An Angel

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17

The arrival was at 10:20pm on October 7, 2009, She weighed in at a healthy 7lbs, 11oz and 19.5in.

She's got daddy's trademark dimples and inherited his crooked pinky fingers as well

To say that we're overjoyed would be an understatement. We just thank God for bringing her into our lives safe and sound. We look forward to the blessings and challenges of parenthood.

There are truly no words to describe the feeling of hearing your baby for the first time.

Lovely... Perfect... Amazing... Miraculous... Precious... Wonderful... Stunning... Angelic... Dream Come True... Captivating... Darling... Cherished... Delightful...Beautiful.... Gorgeous... Happy...


Truly Blessed...

Peace & Love...


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet the '09-10 Boston Celtics

We're talkin' less than a month before my squad opens up the 09-10 NBA season vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. After being on an extreme high of watching them take the 2008 NBA title, I had to suffer in disgust as Kobe and the Lakers hoisted the hardware this past summer. With a healthy Kevin Garnett back, I look forward to an exciting season where they're going deep into the playoffs. There's no one in the East that wants to see them. No one!!!!

2009 Boston Celtics Media Day Pics


There's been a handful of changes to the roster since close of the '08-09 season.

Rasheed Wallace - from Detroit
Marquis Daniels - from Indiana
Lester Hudson - 2nd round Draft Pick from Tennessee-Martin

Mr. Candace Parker... oooops I mean Shelden Williams - from Sacramento

Leon Powe - Signed with Cavaliers

I'm gonna miss Leon. Hardworking brotha who made my eyes light up at Game 2 of the 2008 NBA Finals. In just 15 minutes, he scored 21 points. I think there's a YouTube video of me screaming "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Leon" in the stands when he dunked on Ronny Turiaf. This guy always came to play, just sad that he couldn't stay healthy. Best of luck to him... even in Cleveland.

Departures (sure as hell can't call them losses)
Mikki Moore - Signed with Warriors
Gabe Pruitt - Free Agent
Stephon Marbury - Free Agent.

Steph's career is most likely done after the summer meltdown. I wasn't thrilled with his signing in the first place. Peace homie. Word on the street is that he's on tour with Kirk Franklin and working on an endorsement deal to promote the dietary benefits of eating Vaseline.

PG-Rajon Rondo
SG-Ray Allen
C-Kendrick Perkins
PF-Kevin Garnett
SF- Paul Pierce

Key Bench & Rotational Players:
F/C- Rasheed Wallace
PG/SG- Eddie House
PF- Glen Davis
SF- Marquis Daniels

Rest of Bench:
Tony Allen
JR Giddens
Brian Scalabrine
Bill Walker
Shelden Williams
Lester Hudson

Team Strengths
• Defense
• Veteran Leadership
• Clutch Performers
• Scoring in the paint

Team Weaknesses
• Backup Point Guard and Point Guard Play
• Overall Bench Play
• Team Age

Time for my squad to get back to ballin'. I didn't stutter when I said earlier that no team in the East wants to see them. Sure, it's going to be very competitive. But I have faith that they're going to get it done. The quest for Banner #18 begins...

Peace & Love...